Pet Peeves

I was asked what pet peeves newbies to triathlons do that bug me. I honesty had to think for a minute. I’ve got a couple of pet peeves, but they aren’t necessarily things that newbies in the sport do.

One thing that really bugs me, and you usually only see it in Sprint triathlons. I’ve only seen it once in an Olympic distance event. But, it bugs me when people bring balloons to mark their transition spot so they can remember where their transition spot is.

If you’re lucky enough to be near this person in the transition area, the balloon can get in the way of moving around transition and prevents you from getting in and out of transition fast. I had to wrestle with a balloon once in one of my transition spots. It was very frustrating. The balloon was deflating and was in the way of me putting on my shoes. It slowed me down quite a bit. Plus, do like the rest of us do and just make a mental note of where your transition spot is and remember it. It’s only fair. You don’t see people in Kona putting balloons on their transition spot. Plus, if you’re worried about not remember where your transition spot is, get to the set up SUPER early and get an end spot on the transition rack. Then you’ll run right past your bag and gear and you can’t help but see it.

Another thing that really bugs me is when people don’t practice lap swimming pool etiquette. This happened to me the other day. It can actually be kind of dangerous. The biggest thing is, I’ll be happy to share a lane with you, but please let me know you’re going to swim in my lane with me so we don’t head crash in to each other. I’ve done that before and it HURTS.

Also, most swimming pools will have the lanes marked as to whether it’s for slow swimmers, medium pace, etc. It’s nice if people swim in the lane that fits their speed. I try and stick to either the slow or medium paced swim lane. I’m SO not fast enough to be in the fast lane. I feel bad if I’m in the fast lane and I’m going slower than them and they’re creeping up on me.

Last but not least, if you’re going to share a lane and want to circle swim (always staying to the right), that’s fine with me. Just let me know when you share the lane with me so that we don’t crash in to each other.

Another pet peeve is when I’m out cycling and other cyclists are riding 2 abreast. In Utah, it’s a law that you should ride single file. That makes it REALLY hard to pass if I’m lucky enough to be going fast enough to pass you. Plus, it’s not safe when you’re out on public streets. You’re more likely to get hit.

It really bugs me when people get away with drafting in a race as well. During the Spudman, there is A LOT of drafting that goes on. I think at one point they didn’t enforce the drafting, so people got away with it. Now that they’re trying to enforce it, so much drafting goes on that they can’t completely enforce it. It’s unfortunate.

Do you have any pet peeves of triathlons/running?


6 thoughts on “Pet Peeves”

  1. This may be silly but! I really hate when I’m doing a fun run here that is an out and back type route, so you run say 5K out, turn around and come back, now that bits fine, its when I’m running out, keeping to the left, we’re the other way round down under ;), and those “serious” runners are all coming back running hard and they run into me! I may not be at their level but that shouldn’t mean I have to get even further out of their way on a narrow path when there is plenty of room for 2 people to pass comfortably if you SHARE, but they want to run right in the middle because obviously they are better than me so they have that right!

    I may not be the best runner in the world, but at least I’m courteous. I always keep to the left regardless of how wide the running path is so that everyone has plenty of room to get around and when I am coming back on a narrow path and pass slower runners going the other way, I don’t barge them off the path, giving them no choice of where to go other than into the long grass, just because I’m fitter than them. I really hate that, it makes me want to lecture those runners on being just good people to others! I understand they are competing and want to do their best, but it is, after all, called a fun run!

    Anyway, enough of that rant! I’m sure there are other things that get to me but that is one that on every out and back course I have done so far (and that’s quite a few!) some rude asshole has made it impossible for me to run on the path when they pass going back the opposite way! If I think of anything else I’ll let you know 😛

  2. I actually wrote a couple of posts about my pet peeves when it comes to swimming etiquette – and

    But another of my peeves is dog walkers when I’m out running. “Oh, he’s only being friendly” they say as their dog runs under my feet and tries to jump up and lick me as I’m sweating and struggling to run past them.

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