Scars/Battle Wounds

Battle/War wounds. We all have them. Some of us have more than others. Are you as proud of yours as I am of mine?

Some people think it is weird that I am proud of my battle/war scars and wounds. But, if you think about it, each one that we have tells a story. Depending on which wound it is and how it happened, you might make something up to make it sound more cool. 😉

I’ve got more scars than I can count. I know how I’ve got some and then there are some scars that I have no clue how I got them. It makes me sit back and go “hmmm…”

How cool is it to look at your body and see a scar and be able to look back and know how you got that. Hopefully you learned a lesson from that scar. These scars just have a history. They all tell a story.

My latest battle wounds are from when I crashed my bike on Sunday. I might not have scars from them, but my skin will be a little different color from my scrapes. I’ll have a good story to tell. Moral of these scars?Wear bike gloves. Lol. Take turns a little less sharp when you have a flat tire.

I’ve got a nice scar on my leg and ankle from when I broke those bones. It was a nice spring like day in January. I was heading to the store to pick up some breakfast, so I was just wearing shorts and flip flops. My dad was at the church at a neighbor’s funeral. As I was driving down the street, I noticed that the father of the child whose funeral it was wasn’t at the church because he was having car troubles. So, I ran in to the church to grab my dad (he’s a whiz with cars) and as I ran out of the church with him I ran off the step and stepped down wrong and snap! I broke my leg & ankle; however, I didn’t think it was broken at the time. With help, I limped to my car and proceeded to drive to the store. I told myself if I could find a close enough parking spot I’d still go to the store to get breakfast (the store has a kick ass bakery). I guess it was a good thing that I didn’t find a parking spot.

When I got home, I limped in to the house and my mom (former Army nurse) was convinced it was broken. I waited until my dad got home and he hauled me off to Insta-Care (I fell using crutches leaving there too). Sure enough, my leg was broken.

I made an appointment to go see an orthopedic surgeon and had more x-rays done and that’s when they confirmed my leg AND ankle was broken. It was going to need surgery.

Two weeks after I fell, I had surgery. I now have 6 screws and a piece of metal holding my leg together and I have 2 pins in my ankle holding it together. Awesome scars!!! I love them.

My scar on my leg has faded a little bit over time.

Another thing that I consider scars is my tattoos. I have 4. I know there are some people that go out and get tattoos just to get tattoos. I don’t judge them. It’s their body. It’s up to them. I’m not one of those. Each one of my tattoos represents a part of my life. I’m proud of all 4 tattoos. I can’t wait to get more.

No, I’m not an actor. I got this tattoo to represent my dealings with depression & anxiety.

This was my very first tattoo. In remembrance of my grandpa.

My triathlon tattoo.

The Swedish flag.

Just in looking, I have 8 scars I can count and 4 tattoos. I am proud of every single one of them.

How many scars do you have? Are you proud of them?


6 thoughts on “Scars/Battle Wounds”

  1. I have a ridiculous number of scars – close to 100 – some small, some big. I have a great big one on my head from smashing my head open on the corner of a dishwasher as a kid, and I have many smaller ones on my arms from a traumatic period of my life where self harm seemed to be the only way to cope. Needless to say I am least proud of those and still lie when people notice and ask about them – luckily they are now quite faint so people rarely notice. I have scars, like you, that I don’t know where they came from, the most concerning is one along the side of my nose! I didn’t even notice it until someone asked me when I as 15 how I did it – I have no idea! I also have one tattoo. It is behind my left ear and is the kanji symbol for water – to me it symbolises the saying “when water gets trapped, it carves a new path” – i.e. that though I’ve been through tough times, I’ve made my way through them – I am strong, I am unstoppable, I will make a new path when my original one is blocked. It’s a nice little reminder at times that I am stronger than I think! I love that your tattoos are symbolic for you too, I feel it adds another depth to the tattoo, not just a reflection of your tastes and views in terms of the type and position of the tattoo, but of something deeper still, that something moved you so much you wanted to commemorate it in a way, if that makes sense. I don’t think I will get another tattoo, but the one I have is still very important to me. 🙂

    1. Your tattoo sounds really cool. With scars, I think it is interesting how some scars have cool stories, and some scars remind you of sad times in your past, but those sad times might show how far you’ve come and the progress you’ve made with your life.

  2. I definitely have some good scars too and like you guys, they have some good stories. My first major one came when I was about two years old and I thought I could fly from the couch to the coffee table but instead smacked my head into the coffee table and split it open. Theres a nice star-shaped scar on my forehead now. My other two major ones are from when I broke my femur skiing out West. I hit a tree after tumbling down the mountain (long story) and was airlifted to Salt Lake City and had a rod and pins put into my leg. As a result, I have a scar about 6″ long on my hip and another smaller one on the side of my knee. Other scars come from playing as a kid, a bike ride with my dog that turned wrong, and playing sports my whole life. I couldn’t agree more, scars are a part of us and make us unique.

  3. Holy cow! I didn’t know you had broken your leg and ankle! No fun! Cool scars though! I think they make for great stories. You should ask Brice about his ha ha

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