If I Won the Lottery

I have to admit, I stole this subject from a fellow blogger, Nixie, from one of her previous posts.

I was bored the other day, so I started daying dreaming about this subject. Right now the Powerball lottery is up to $320 MILLION! How would it be to win that much money. If you took it all in one lump sum, you’d take home a cash value of $213.3 MILLION. Wow!

So, what would I do if I won that much money? In no particular order, here are the top 10 things I’d do if I won the Powerball

10. Pay off all my debt. I’m not in huge debt, but it would benice to be debt free. Pay off my car, pay off my credit card. Pay off any doctor bills I have floating around out there. How nice it would be to be completely debt free.

9. At first I thought maybe I’d pay off my parents & brother his family’s debt, but would that really teach the value of money? No. So, I would give them a portion to help them. But I wouldn’t pay their bills off completely.

8. I would definitely learn about investments and have someone help me invest my money smartly. I’m dumb when it comes to investments, 401k’s, stocks, etc. So, I’d pay someone to help me with that. Then, I could live off the interest.

Watch my money grow!

7. I’d travel. There are so many places that I’d love to go. I want to tour Europe. One place that I want to go is Sweden. I’d love to go to New York as well.

6. I’d quit my job and go back to school to become a personal trainer.

5. I’d splurge a little and buy/build my dream house and get all new furnishings, all the way down to the wash cloths for it.

4. I’d trade my car in (2005 Dodge Neon) and get a new car. I’ve always liked the look of the Isuzu Rodeo or something similar to that.

3. I’d put money in to a trust account for each of my nieces and nephews so they would have money for their education or to serve an LDS Mission.

2. I was looking at tubular/disc wheels for my time trial bike the other day. Good Lord those are expensive. I would upgrade all of my triathlon/running equipment.

I’ve got a nice time trial bike. But, if I won the lottery I’d even upgrade that.

1. Last but not least, I think I would get the surgery to have all of my extra skin from my weight loss removed. I had a consultation about it once and to have an upper body lift, which would take care of my stomach, arms and boobs, it would cost upwards of $10,000-12,000.

None of this will happen unless I take a trip up to Idaho to buy some lottery tickets though, and even then, what’s the chance of me winning? But, it’s still fun to dream.

What would you do if you won the Powerball Lottery?


2 thoughts on “If I Won the Lottery”

  1. I’m seriously impressed that even HELPING your family with bills was one of them 🙂 I love these – it’s fun to get a peek into your mind

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