Crash Boom Bang!

On the schedule for today was a 2 hour bike ride. Last week on my 2 hour ride, I rode in to Salt Lake City, so this weekend I decided to head the opposite direction and ride up towards a friend’s house in Layton, UT.

I checked my tires before heading out and had to pump up and put some air in both my front and back tire. When I pulled the pump off of my front tire, 1/2 of the valve came off with it. I wasn’t going to continue on with my bike ride, but I saw that the tire was still holding air, so I headed out.

1/2 mile from my house, I hit a pot hole in the road and my aero waterbottle went flying! My aero bottle is held in between my aero bars with just a little piece of velcro. This isn’t the first time my water bottle has gone flying (once in a race), so it was just a matter of stopping, refilling it with water and to keep going. It flustered me and made me mad, but I just filled it up with my other 2 water bottles and then stopped at a nearby park and refilled everything with water.

By now, I knew this was going to be an adventurous ride. In hindsite, it probably would’ve been better if I had just stayed at home.

My water bottle flying off was the last of my issues for a while. I was going kind of slow and not as fast as I’d like, but I was having a pretty decent ride. It wasn’t too hot, I had plenty of water, the only down thing was my speed, but I could deal with it.

Around mile 17 – 18, my bike started riding pretty rough. I’d hit a couple of other pot holes, but I didn’t think much of it at the time. Around mile 17, when I started having a rough ride, I figured I probably had a flat tire. I was within 1 mile of my turn around point (my friend’s neighborhood/house), so I just kept going until then.

At mile 18.9, I made the turn in to my friend’s neighborhood. I didn’t think I was going that fast, but I guess I cut the corner too sharp. A sharp corner + speed + flat tire = CRASH, BOOM, BANG!!! Yup, I went down and slid across the pavement a couple of inches.

I hurried and got up and assessed my injuries. It looked like I had just a few minor scrapes on my hands and elbows. I was going to get on my bike and ride home, until I felt the tire and it was flat as a pancake. And my aero-bar handle bars were all askew. I was PISSED. I was mad.

I looked at my scrapes again, and they seemed to be bleeding worse than I expected. Well, I was only a block away from my friend’s house, so I started walking to their house PRAYING they’d be home. Nope. They were at church. Dangit!!!

So, good thing I ride with my cell phone. I picked up the phone and called home. My mom was going to come pick me up but she decided to go get my dad out of church and have my dad come pick me up. In the meantime, I walked to a park that was another block away and went in to the restroom and attempted to clean my wounds up. I did an ok job for what I had available to me.

Then I just had to wait 20 more minutes for my dad to get there. Longest 20 minutes of my life. There wasn’t anywhere to sit at this park (what kind of park is this?), so I just propped my bike up against a tree and sat down on the grass.

Finally got home and had the joy of scrubbing out my wounds. Damn that hurts!!! I’ve had to do it before and I don’t like it. I’m all bandaged up now. I guess I need to get me some cycling gloves. If I had cycling gloves, I wouldn’t have 1/2 of the wounds I have.

So, now it’s just no swimming until they scab over…which I’m FREAKING out about. But, at least I can still run and ride (I’m fixing my bike tomorrow).

Now…to just heal by the time my race comes on Saturday.

I’ve got another scrape on my right palm, but not quite as bad as this one.

I’ve got a scrape like this on my right arm near my elbow as well.


5 thoughts on “Crash Boom Bang!”

  1. Ugh, there are very few things that are worse than road rash. Scrubbing the gravel and grime out is awful. Is that why cyclists wear gloves? I guess I’ve never thought much about it. Falling off your bike as a kid is bad enough, but it’s totally worse as an adult. Heal soon, and buy some damned gloves! lol

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