Happy Anniversary to Me!

Yesterday was the 4th anniversary of my very first triathlon. Four years ago I was scared to death of race day. I barely slept the night before and was a giant bundle of nerves the morning of the race. Thank God the run was first. It was my worst discipline at the time and I just wanted to get it out of the way. Four years ago yesterday, I finished the Bountiful Triathlon in 1:45:01.

I just finished my very first triathlon!

The night before the race this year, I was quite surprised. I had no race nerves. I didn’t even have any the morning of. I got up at 6:20 a.m., had a pb&j sandwich and got ready for the race. I headed up to the Rec Center and got a pretty good transition spot and then began the waiting game until the race started.

This is a reverse tri, so the run was first & the swim was last. I was a little nervous about the run. I ran 6 miles the night before and it was some of the hardest 6 miles I’ve ever had to run. So, running 3 miles, I was a bit nervous. I wanted to do REALLY well in this triathlon this year. The race started and I was feeling pretty good. I was keeping a pace of about a 9:30 mile. About mile 1 1/2, it hit though. I was starting to run out of nutrition. Dammit!!! I didn’t have any gels on me because it was only a 5k. I should be able to run a 5k without nutrition. So, I had to stop & walk a couple of times. It really frustrated me. I tried to run as much as I could, but I ended up having to walk when my tummy acted up & felt like I could barf. So, I finished the run in like 32 minutes.

Heading out on the run. (I’m the one in blue.)

Transition 1 was super fast. It was barely over a minute. That’s pretty good seeing I had to change shoes, put my helmet & sunglasses on & stuff a energy gel down my bra (where else am I to put it? Lol.). Off I headed on the bike. I knew this was where I could make up some time from my run. The bike is fairly flat with the exception of having to ride up over an overpass that goes over a highway and riding a gradual hill back up to the Rec. center. I have never seen so many people have flat tires on a race before. I saw 3 (maybe 4) people stopped fixing flat tires. There is one point where we are on a paved nature trail and it’s sad, but one girl fell off her bike & got a concussion. Felt bad for her. I guess someone was passing her & she got startled and wrecked. She’s got a mild concussion, but is doing ok. There are 2 times on this bike route where you have to go across train tracks. The first time, we missed the train, on the way back, a train came. 😦 Thankfully there were volunteers there and they took our race numbers & adjusted our time. It maybe stopped us for a minute or two. Not too bad.

As I came in to transition I was able to already be out of my cycling shoes. I just need to get better at the flying dismount so that I feel comfortable doing it in a race. I finished the bike in about 39 minutes.

Coming in from the bike.

Now it’s time to run in to the pool. The bad thing was, they didn’t have any carpet or whatnot for us to run on. So we had to run on asphalt over to the pool. It hurt.

I was trying to haul ass in to the pool.

I got to the pool and had to stop to catch my breathe for a minute before I could start swimming. This is where I wish I knew how to dive in to a pool. We started the swim in the deep end of the pool, so if we chose to, we could dive in. But, once I got in to the pool, I was in my groove. I felt like I was swimming pretty fast. I was passing people pretty fast until the last couple of lanes and then it got really crowded. 😦 But that’s what happens when you have a triathlon in a pool.

Finally done with the swim & got out of the pool & crossed the finish line in 1:21:XX and some-odd seconds. I’m not sure of my exact time. The clock read 1:22:XX when I crossed the finish line, but my timing chip didn’t pick up my final time. The final results say my time was 1:28:XX, but I know it didn’t take me 14 minutes to do the swim. 🙂

So, it’s not as good as I would’ve liked, but I need to look at it in the long run, where I improved my overall time by 25 minutes from 4 years ago. I need to be happy with the fact that I can even DO triathlons.


6 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary to Me!”

  1. I’m so excited for how far you’ve come! I wish I had the drive to do what you do. Instead I’ll just sit back and live vicariously through your athletic exploits 😉

  2. Way to go. I haven’t even done a tri yet. I’m still contemplating getting an entry level road bike because I need a bike to ride with the kids anyway and learning how to swim laps and breathe again. But eventually…. I see them as a possibility vs doing so many half marathons.

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