Stevie the TeeVee

So, I’ve been thinking lately that I watch WAY too much TV. I have an excuse, but I shouldn’t use it as an excuse.

A couple of weeks ago when I was dog sitting and staying at my friend’s apartment, she doesn’t have cable or satellite. She just has the basic channels and then she has this box for Hulu (that I don’t know how to use).

While I was at her house I found I got to bed a lot earlier and I read books a lot more. I miss reading a good book.

At my house, I have my own TV in my room, along with satellite and DVR. When I get home from work or the gym, my way of winding down is to sit in bed with my laptop and have the TV going for background noise. Plus, I watch whatever the show is as well. Because I have this TV in my room, I’m usually up until 11:00 pm, maybe even Midnight (last night).

But, sometimes I stay up that late at night and watch TV on purpose because of my anxiety. Sometimes, depending on the day, my brain just won’t shut off. My brain comes up with all different scenarios as to how to handle a certain situation or something that happened that day. If I can preoccupy my mind with TV, I do that until I completely exhaust myself, making it so it’s easier to go to sleep. Make sense?

Plus, I’ve read documentation (I can’t remember where) where you shouldn’t watch TV or be on your computer while in bed because it makes it harder to go to sleep. Your bed should be a place of relaxation and rest only. It makes it easier to go to sleep that way. I’ve heard it’s good chi to not have anything under your bed too. I’ve got a shit-load of stuff stored under my bed.

Anywho, I’m not saying it’s bad to have TV, because TV every once in a while (during the Olympics) etc., that’s not bad. But when you watch as much TV as I seem to watch, I think it’s kind of a bad thing.

So…I might try & talk my family in to getting rid of Stevie the TeeVee.

A little side note. The reason I call my TV Stevie is because of this video right here.


1 thought on “Stevie the TeeVee”

  1. I haven’t had a tv in years! I don’t like how I can waste so much time in front of them without realising. The people I live with have a tv of course, in the lounge room, and whilst they are home they watch the kinds of shows I can’t stand to even hear let alone watch! But, when they are away, if I feel like watching a tv show, or a movie, I just can’t stand the ads! Just let me watch my movie! We don’t have pay tv, just the free to air channels and no fancy machines that let you fast forward ads. I do find myself buying tv series I like and watching them in bed at night on my laptop, or movies, but tv in general, just doesn’t do it for me. I do need to get better with my time management though, I seem to find a lot of other ways to waste time without a tv’s help lol!

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