Interior Design

Interior design is something I’ve always loved. I’m not too artistic of a person (I can’t draw worth crap), but I feel like interior design is a form of art, and I think I’m fairly good at it.

When I was younger I was always asking my parents if I could rearrange my bedroom. Then the TV show Trading Spaces came on TV. I fell in love with that show. They showed what simple things you could do to a room to totally give the room a makeover and make it look completely different…on a budget! If I can catch reruns of this show, I do.

When I get bored, sometimes I’ll go on the internet and look at houses for sale just so I can see how they’re decorated, etc.

At one time I even applied for the Interior Design classes at one of the local colleges here. You had to put together a design board and mail it in to them. I did all that and found out I was accepted. I don’t remember the exact reason I didn’t end up going to school for interior design.

But, anywho, the point of this post…last week when I was dog sitting Abbie, we went for a walk and up the block from the apartment was an antique store. Abbie wanted to go in the store really bad. Lol. But, outside was this bar stool. I absolutely LOVED it!!! If I could have, I would have bought the bar stool right then and there. But, where would I have put it? To be able to design a room around this stool would be SO awesome!


12 thoughts on “Interior Design”

  1. I like that stool… but my first thought was ‘oh my god she must be a way more stable drunk than I am. If I was drinking and trying to sit on that stool, I’d fall backwards in excitement as soon as a Run DMC song came on and then I’d break my back and neck and end up with one of those big halo braces screwed directly into my skull. That doesn’t look sexy no matter what kind of dress you wear.’

    I just realized that I need to re-evaluate my life.

  2. I can’t wait to have somewhere to actually design and decorate myself! Being able to design an entire room around one item, like that stool, or one of my favourite traditional aboriginal artworks, it would be so much fun!

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