One Thing I’m Not Good At

As I’ve mentioned on Facebook & Twitter this week, I am doggy-sitting one of the cutest dogs in the world this week. Her name is Abbie.

While I’m dog-sitting Abbie, I get to use all of the amenities at the apartment building that Abbie’s mom, Kim, lives in. One of these amenitites is the gym. It is a NICE gym.

I went down to the gym on Monday night and ran on the treadmill. This gym is AMAZING. They’ve got really nice treadmills, stair climbers, bikes, and every weight machine you could imagine.

While I was down there running on the treadmill and when I’ve had to take Abbie outside to use the restroom, I’ve noticed some pretty good lookin’ guys that live in this apartment building.

Now here is where the title of this post comes in to play. I am TERRIBLE at flirting. I just don’t know how to flirt. If I’m caught flirting with a guy, I don’t realize that I am. Lol. Now, add in me at the gym sweating my guts out with eye makeup smearing because of the sweat and I’m REALLY not good at flirting.

So…give me your best flirting advice. I wouldn’t mind going out on a date once in a while, etc. Just please don’t say “be yourself” because I am myself, but that hasn’t worked so far, but it also doesn’t mean I’m going to change who I am either, ya know?

When I flirt, I wanna look like this:

So, on your mark…get set…GO!! Give me the best flirting advice you have. πŸ™‚


10 thoughts on “One Thing I’m Not Good At”

  1. I have never been good at flirting, actually, I don’t think I’ve ever really flirted before? Or, if I have I don’t really know that I’m doing it? I guess that’s why I found my partner online on a dating site – no obscurity about intentions there I guess! I’ve never been good with the dating games, I’m so upfront and no-fuss about things lol!

    I guess confidence helps, even if you aren’t confident, fake it πŸ˜‰ And also, one thing that has helped with making “friends” at least, is getting people to talk about themselves – people love to talk about themselves πŸ˜› (says someone who has a blog lol!).

    You may get a kick out of this

    1. First off, that picture was HILARIOUS!!! Ya know, I’ve tried the whole online dating thing & nothing’s worked so far. I’m not too worried. Just when I do see a cute guy or something, I wish I was good enough at flirting, ya know? I’m gonna work on it though.

      1. I definitely know what you mean! I could never do it, and even now, despite being happily taken etc etc, I still kind of wish I could do it! I know that sounds terrible, but there is just something fun about a bit of a harmless flirt, but I feel like this is my flirt face

        If I see anyone successfully flirting I will take notes, I have set aside a notebook and everything! It can’t be that hard…

        Oh, and yeah, there are a lot of drop kicks online πŸ˜›

  2. Alright.. this is coming from a compulsive flirter — and usually I don’t realize I’m flirting either (my boyfriend is always like — you’re too flirty for your own good — and I never realize I’m doing it). So take it with what you will πŸ™‚

    It starts with a smile. If you notice someone looking at you, or paying attention to you, and they are cute and you notice them too, give them a smile. If they smile back, then you’re good to say something like “man, this weather is crazy isn’t it?” or (especially if they have a dog/animal/baby with them) “your (dog/baby/animal) is adorable!”

    Once you have a conversation started you will find it so easy to keep it up. So remember, just smile!

      1. Exactly. The worst thing that happens is that you never see the person again and feel embarrassed. The best? That you make a new friend or maybe something more!

  3. If you’re both at the gym, the natural thing is to ask them to spot you, see if you can set in instead of standing awkwardly while they finish on the machine you need, cracking a joke about your workout, etc… the gym is a great place to meet men that share a common interest (fitness!). Don’t get hung up on being flirtatious, though. If you try to force it, you’ll just come off as crazy. Talk to them like you would talk to someone that you’re already friends with. No matter how hot they are, they’re still just men, and even if nothing sexy happens… you now have a new friend. Hot men travel in packs, and making a new one opens the door to a treasure trove of eligible menfolk. So, stop putting so much pressure on yourself. Have fun, and be confident in your awesomeness πŸ˜‰

    1. Ooohhh… don’t forget to casually slip in your triathalon interest and mention that you’re always on the lookout for a running/swimming/biking partner!

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