4th of July

Happy 4th of July my friends! This is my favorite holiday. Yes, it beats out Christmas, Easter, or any holiday where you get presents.

This is the holiday where it seems like everybody rallies around each other and supports everyone. You see alot of American flags waving. Everybody comes out for the parades. Everybody seems to put their hand over their heart when the flag is presented at the parade. I love it.

I grew up being taught that this is a VERY important holiday. My parents were both in the military. My mom was in the United States Army and my dad was in the United States Air Force. They always instilled in me and my brother growing up that we needed to be thankful for our country and the freedoms we have here. We were always taught to respect the flag, respect military personnel, etc.

Since I’ve grown, and I watch the news and I read books, etc. I just really realize how lucky we are to live here. The freedoms we have. (Sorry, don’t mean to get sappy.) I have many friends and family that have or still do serve in the military. I am forever greatful to them for the choice they made to serve our country.

Sadly, I’m at work today, so I don’t get to really celebrate the 4th of July. My mom and dad will have a barbeque later tonight and then my dad will go watch fireworks. If I’m lucky, I might see some fireworks while I’m out riding my bike.

While I was at work today though, I decided to look up patriotic songs on YouTube. Of course they tugged at the heart strings and at times, tears were running down my face.

I will end this post with one of my favorite patriotic videos. God Bless America!!! Let freedom ring!


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