Blah Days

Lately, I feel like I’ve been doing REALLY good with my anxiety. Especially today. One thing that causes my anxiety is boredom. I didn’t have a whole lot to do today, but I somehow made it through the day without having an anxiety attack.

However, today was a “blah” day. There are some days where I wake up and I just don’t feel myself. I’m not happy, I’m more depressed than anything. Some days I can pinpoint what it is that is making me feel this way and some times I can’t. It’s REALLY frustrating when you can’t pinpoint why you feel the way you do.

Today wasn’t one of those days though. When I first woke up, I just didn’t feel myself. I don’t know if it’s hormones, or what. I kind of brushed it off as being tired. But, I got to work this morning and got my breakfast & cup of coffee, and my attitude just wasn’t changing. Then, I realized what was causing me to feel this way. I had co-workers talking about what their fun plans were for the 4th of July and one co-worker talked about how she was going to spend the next 2 days with her nieces and nephews. Normally that wouldn’t bother me, but I’m so lucky that I get to work the 4th of July. I’ll be the only one on my floor at work all day long. It’s going to be booooooooooooring. You would think after work I might have plans for a family barbeque or something, but nope. I get to ride my bike up one of the canyons here in Salt Lake City and then come home and run 5 miles.

My dad and I kind of have a tradition that on the 4th of July, we go up to the Salt Lake City Cemetery (it sits pretty high up on the North side of the city) and watch fireworks across the valley. My dad is going up tomorrow night, but I won’t get to do that either. I won’t get to see my nieces and nephews either.

I kept trying to tell myself that at least I’ll get an extra day of vacation in my bucket for working the holiday, plus I’ll get paid holiday pay for working the holiday. I was hoping that would make me feel better. But, not really.

Finally, I just plugged in to my iPod and focused on the work that I did have to do. By the middle of the afternoon, I started to feel better.

Do you have “blah” days like this? If so, how do you combat them?


2 thoughts on “Blah Days”

  1. Moscato? Actually, I try to do something that makes me feel good about myself. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. When it doesn’t, I take a valium and read a book 🙂 xoxo

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