EFS Nutrition Review

Yesterday I was at Salt Lake Running Company picking up some nutrition for my workouts. My favorite nutrition/gel is made by Powerade.

I was loading up on gels (if you buy 12, they’re cheaper) and Elizabeth saw me stocking up & suggested I try EFS Nutrition. It’s a gel in bottle and it’s like 4 gels in one.

P.S. Pardon the crap on my dresser. 🙂

I got the wild berry flavor of this stuff. I had a 3 hour ride scheduled for my workout today, so today was the perfect day to try it out.

Each flask has 400 calories, 100g carbs (33%), 150mg of calcium (15%), 400mg (25%) sodium, 1000mg amino acids, and other stuff in it too.

About 45 minutes in to my ride I needed to take my first swig of this stuff. I was trying to be positive about it, but my first reaction was GAG!!! It’s really thick and it didn’t taste very berry-licious at all. 😦 It was really sweet too. I don’t know if it was just the flavor or what. I’m sure part of it was the temperature it was. It says to keep it in a cool, dry place. Well, 101 degrees Fahrenheit isn’t exactly “cool”. Lol. Maybe if it was a little bit cooler of a temperature it would be a little more palatable.

I kept taking swigs of the gel because it’s all I had with me and I knew I needed nutrition on this bike ride.

What I do like about this product though is the convenience of it being in a flask. You could easily keep it in your back pocket of your tri/cycling shorts or the back pocket of your jersey & it would be super easy to down on the go.

I will try EFS again in a different flavor and see if I like it any better. I will probably use this product again, especially when I do my 1/2 Ironman and full Ironman just because of the convenience.


2 thoughts on “EFS Nutrition Review”

  1. I’m a huge fan of EFS but I do like the drink more than the gel to be honest. Try the Grape Drink–it’s low sugar, very palatable and has lots of electrolytes for hot weather. I fear you might find the vanilla EFS gel equally as sweet. You can buy a gel flask holder for your bike (get the one that uses velcro on the bottle which I find is much safer/easier during a race or long ride) and put your favorite gel inside it with a little water to keep it loose–that might work better for you. 🙂

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