The Ride to Nowhere

Today for my workout I had to do a 3 hour bike ride. I was going to go swimming too, but I forgot that there’s a triathlon going on up at the rec center.

As I peeled my butt out of bed this morning I noticed that the wind was blowing REALLY hard. We’ve got a lot of wildfires going on in the valley, so those fires are contributing to the wind.

So, it was a toss up between going out & braving the wind or setting up the bike trainer in my bedroom & riding my bike to nowhere for 3 hours.

For safety purposes I decided to set my bike up in my bedroom. Queue my anxiety. I have no problem sitting on a bike trainer for 60-90 minutes, but for 3 hours just seemed insanely overwhelming.

I had my TV turned on & I was watching anything and everything I had saved in my DVR, but 1 hour in to my ride I had a full blown anxiety attack. I was crying, I was having a hard time breathing, I just wanted to punch something.

I got off my bike to refill my water bottle & hoped that walking around for a minute would help, but it didn’t. It just made it worse.

I was mad that my mom and dad weren’t recognizing the anxiety (they know what it looks like) and they weren’t helping.

I guess finally my mom clued in. She has now been sitting in my bedroom with me for the past 2 hours talking to me & she has started reading my copy of Chrissie Wellington’s book.

I still have little jedi mind tricks I play to help me pass the time. I envision I’m riding through a forest or I’m on a busy street and cars are whizzing past me or a friend drives by and honks at me. Gee, I hope I don’t get a flat tire. 😉

I’ve only got about 40 minutes left on this ride and then I’m done for the day. This ride wouldn’t have been so bad if I could have rode outside where there is a change of scenery every second.

Next time I might just suck it up and ride outside any ways.

What do you do to occupy your mind while you’re on the bike trainer for a long ride?

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