Random Update Post

So, I thought I’d give you an update on a couple of things.

Update # 1 – My knee is feeling alot better. It’s not back to normal yet, but it’s doing better. What did I do you might ask? Well, 35 miles of running can take a toll on your body. My knee decided to rebel on me. By the time I got close to the end of the 35 miles, I knew my body was getting ready to be done. So, I’ve layed off any hard core working out…well ok, all working out, until tomorrow. I’m excited for tomorrow. Long bike ride and long swim. We’ll see how my knee holds up after a long ride.

Update # 2 – You know how I’ve made posts about how I get migraine headaches? Well, I think I’ve figured out what is cauing the headaches. I think my vision is causing my headaches. Lately I’ve noticed when I get to work, it’s hard for my eyes to focus on some of the stuff on my computer. Sometimes it’s a little blurry until I can finally focus on it. I make sure I change out my contacts all the time. I even went to the eye doctor earlier this year. So, I’m thinking maybe the eye doctor didn’t give me the correct prescription. I think my eyes are straining really hard and that’s what’s causing my migraines. Bad news though. Since I’ve been to the eye doctor once this year, if I go again, my insurance won’t cover anything if I go again. I don’t know about anybody else, but I just don’t have that kind of money sitting around. I might have to find that kind of money though because I can’t deal with these migraines much longer. Yesterday I came home from work and I was going to hop on the bike trainer for a little bit, but my head was pounding. Every light, every noise, everything, it was just making my headache worse. My dad said I was pale, and I just didn’t look good.

Update # 3 – I REALLY wanna move out of my mom and dad’s house. I’m still living with them just because I can’t afford a place on my own. I don’t know anybody that I could move in with either. So, I’m putting the word out there…if you know anybody that needs a roommate, let me know. I looked on KSL.com and alot of the posts say “LDS standards”. Well, I’m obviously not active in the church anymore, so that kind of rules me out.

Update # 4 – I really wanna go on a date. I just want to feel like I have options. So…what am I going to do? Tomorrow night, I think I’ll go out to Keys on Main and when I do…I’m gonna dress up. 🙂 We’ll see how that goes.

Update # 5 – I REALLY want a pedicure. Like, really really bad. After doing the Ragnar Relay this last weekend, I’ve got some pretty gnarly blisters. I’ve got blisters on top of blisters. But…I’m too embarrassed to go to the pedicure place. They all speak a foreign language there, and I’m sure as I’m sitting in the chair they’d be chit chatting back and forth in their foreign language about how nasty my feet are.

Last but not least…

Update # 6 – I’ve been thinking about having guest posts on my blog. Just to switch it up a bit. Would any of my readers be interested in doing a guest post? If so, let me know. It can be about ANYTHING!!! 🙂


3 thoughts on “Random Update Post”

  1. All your ideas are great! Knee better, that’s fantastic, eyes causing your migraines, I wouldn’t be surprised at all if that is what it is! I think that’s quite common. I too want to move out, my fiance moves here in a few months and where I am living isn’t quite appropriate. What does LDS standards mean? Does it mean they expect that you will go to church? I don’t see why you still wouldn’t be a nice person despite not being Mormon anymore, but it is someone elses house, so I can understand that… partly. I hope that even if you didn’t get a date when you went out, that you at least felt amazing to be all dressed up and felt some great confidence from the night! Lastly, get the pedicure! Who cares what they are saying (though I know the feeling, I’m sure they do the same to my feet!) but you work hard and your feet take a beating with all the workouts that you do so pamper them! They deserve it, you deserve it!

    Oh, and definitely get guest bloggers, especially if you have other active friends that can give their advice/tips on their events of choice, that would be cool – or just random posts in general, it’s all good!

    1. Basically it’s you have to go to church, no drinking…period. Now, I don’t say I drink ALOT, but I like a good drink. I can understand the no alcohol in the house. That would just be respect, ya know?

      I felt AMAZING when I dressed up & went out. I got quite a bit of compliments from my friends that own the club.

      I think I am going to go get a pedicure. I just have to find the time now. Haha!

      1. Whilst we stayed with Rex’s Mormon Mom and step Dad in a time share, he and his brother drank some alcohol together, but not much, and when we went out to dinner the two of them ordered beers that they paid for themselves of course, but I could tell that it made their mom at least a bit uncomfortable. Rex wouldn’t drink in their house, but this was a different situation and the two brothers felt like a beer whilst they caught up with each other 🙂
        Fantastic to hear you got some compliments, that always makes you feel good, and make time for the pedicure, it’s so worth it! 😛

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