New Gym

I’ve started going to a new gym and so far…I LOVE it!!!

I used to go to the county recreation center up the street from my house (literally), but certain things that have happened at the gym really disappointed me and I decided to switch gyms. Now, I’m sure you’re wondering what disappointing things happened. Well…let me tell you.

  • They don’t seem to maintain their equipment too well. There’s always something wrong with one of the spinning bikes, or their TV on the treadmills and bikes doesn’t work very well.
  • The biggest thing that disappointed me though is the past couple of times I’ve gone to do my swim workout (and times before that too), even though I’m there during public swim time, I’ll get 1/2 way through my workout and someone will come up & tell me I have to get out or switch lanes because they need to hold a class. Usually there are no lanes to switch to because a bunch of people are already circle swimming, etc. The last time this happened, I was just done. I was SO mad.
  • They don’t enforce the rules there either. They have an indoor track and there are big signs saying that children should not be left unattended up there, but kids go up & there and play all the time. During lap swimming, there are always kids horsing around in the lap swimming lanes when there are swimmers (not just me) trying to swim and the lifeguards do nothing. Plus, see my post about meatheads.

I’ve done my share of sending emails and calling the recreation center and complaining in hopes that they would do something, but nothing was ever done, so I was done. My membership happened to be expiring too. So, in search of a new gym I went and I found an AWESOME one.

My coach had mentioned that a new pool had opened up in Rose Park, but I didn’t know where in Rose Park it was. I called my aunt to find out more info. She lives in that area and told me that it was right by the state fairgrounds.

The next day, I headed to the gym and asked for a tour. I wanted to see the facility before I decided if I really wanted to go to this gym or not.

My main reason for switching gyms was because of the pool. First off, I looked on their website and they have a 25 yd pool and the hours of lap swimming are AMAZING. The only time they have “limited lanes” is for 3 hours while I’m at work. When I took the tour, the guy was super nice and told me that they ALWAYS have 6 lanes available. SCORE!!! That sealed the deal right there.

The gym is right on my way to and from work. I decided to get a membership there. A 1 year membership only cost me $190! That’s $100 cheaper than my previous gym! Yay! I actually get my workout done earlier in the evening too because I get to the gym sooner than I would get home. It’s nice.

I’ve now gone to the gym twice and I LOVE it. My new gym is a little smaller than the previous gym, but I haven’t had a problem using the equipment. I went yesterday and ran (did speedwork) on the treadmill. My only complaint there is their treadmills don’t have headphone jacks so you can watch TV while you’re running, but they do have closed caption. HOWEVER…honestly, how often am I going to run on a treadmill? They give me shin splints, so I avoid them like the plague.

I went to the gym tonight to do 90 minutes of spinning because my bike is in the shop for a tune up. Their spinning bikes are a little old, but as long as they work, I’m happy. The only thing about the spinning bikes is, and I actually find it more humorous than anything, is you could get a sunburn while on the spinning bike. The 2 spinning bikes are right up against a window that faces West. When I’m there, the sun is getting ready to set (sun rises in the East and sets in the West). Needless to say, it gets kinda toasty on the bike. But, I just find it funny that you could get a sunburn from a spinning bike. I’ve got plenty of sunburns from riding outside, but not inside. Haha!

I haven’t used the pool at the gym yet. Tomorrow I will. If I can get my butt outta bed earlier enough, I’m going to be to the gym by 6:00 a.m. to go to my first Masters Swim class (not very likely). But, if I don’t make it to Masters, I’ll go right after work tomorrow.

I’m SO glad I switched gyms. I’m a happy camper.


7 thoughts on “New Gym”

  1. I hate meatheads! I decided against a cheaper gym because it was full of guys like that, grunting and groaning, dropping weights, ugh, so off putting! The gym I attend now still has them, but has a rule against excessive grunting and groaning, and dropping weights. Sadly though, still too many of the meatheads never wipe down their equipment or unstack their weights, but I can handle that to not hear them groan! It’s only a small gym too and I’ve found I miss most of the meat heads if I head in early in the morning – they only seem to come out late at night, though never on a Friday or Saturday night (too busy partying!). It feels great when you have a gym you love, and I love that despite the meat heads that are there, I can feel confident up in the free weights section amongst them!

      1. Does it make me a bad person when I get a bit bitchy about some of the other people too! Sometimes I go and I’m feeling in the zone, focused and working hard and a bunch of gaggling girls, covered in make up, in their sexy work out outfits turn up and all hop on the cross trainers together and just gossip and giggle so loudly, looking around to try and flirt with the guys. I feel mean, but sometimes I just want to ask them to shut it! I though, would love to have someone to work out with, but I am serious about my work outs when I get to the gym and if I had someone to go with it would be great fun but I don’t think I would be giggling away and trying to look sexy lol. But hey, they are trying to do something positive for their bodies so I can’t get too angry at them 😉

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