Summer Running

I LOVE summer running. Summer running means I get to run outside. I don’t have to treadmill it, or find a track, etc. Summer running means race time is hear! Yay!!!

One downer to running in the summer time is the heat. It is HARD to run in the heat. You have to remember to stay hydrated and keep your body cool. When you’re running long distances it’s hard to pack alot of water with you. Yesterday I went on a long run and I could only carry 20 oz of water with me at a time. Good thing I passed alot of city parks and my brother’s house where I could fill up with water.

I remember last year when I did the Las Vegas Ragnar Relay, the thing I was most worried about was the heat. It was SUPER hot and 2 out of 3 of my runs were during the middle of the day when it was the hottest.

One thing that I look forward to for summer running is, if I run in the evening, that is usually when people turn on their sprinklers and are watering their lawn. I make a point to run through the sprinklers on my run. If I can see that somewhere on my run someone is watering their lawn, I will go out of my way, whether it be crossing to the other side of the street or what not, to run through their sprinklers. The only thing I won’t do is run on their lawn.

I feel like this when I'm on a run and get to run through sprinklers!

I find that when I get to run through the sprinklers while I’m running, it obviously helps cool down my body. If I’m close to running out of water, if I can run through some sprinklers, it helps me stay hydrated. Even though I’m not specifically drinking water, my body is absorbing the water that I get to run through.

When I was a little kid, we had a HUGE backyard, and during the summer months, the highlight was to turn on all the sprinklers, invite our friends over, put on our bathing suits and run through the sprinklers. When I’m on my run and I get to run through sprinklers, it takes me back to when I got to run through the sprinklers when I was a kid! I LOVE IT!!!

Happy running!


2 thoughts on “Summer Running”

  1. summer is a great time to run if done right. Longer daylight is awesome! Its great training to run at all times of the day so you can test and train your body to adapt and get stronger! Happy summer running!

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