I am SUPER necrophobic. I have been my entire life. When my grandpa passed away, I stood in the back of the room the entire time so I didn’t have to get close to the casket. When my grandmother passed away, I used my 1 year old nephew as a shield between me and the casket so I didn’t have to see my grandmother.

I refuse to go in to a cemetery at night. It creeps me out. Some people find it really cool. I find it scary as hell. I see where people build their houses next to a cemetery and I think oh hell no! That will never be me.

I know here in Utah, some funeral homes offer free rent to their tenants if they will go and pick up the deceased during the night, etc. Even if I was poor and had NO money to my name, I would live in a cardboard box under the overpass before I lived at a funeral home.

Earlier this year my friend Heather’s sister passed away. Heather went to the funeral home and did her sister’s hair and makeup for the viewing. Heather asked me to go with her. I went with her in hopes of conquering my fear. Yeah, no, that didn’t happen. Still scared. I even talked with the funeral director and asked LOTS of questions.

Last weekend my dad went to the viewing of one of his old co-worker’s wife. My dad and I went for a Sunday drive the next day and he showed me where this funeral home was. It was about 8:00 p.m. He was going to drive in to the back of the funeral home and show me where you entered the funeral home, etc., and I had to beg him not to because it was going to creep me out.

It creeps me out just to drive by or be passed by a casket coach (hearse) on the freeway, etc.

Now, why do I bring this up? I do have a reason for talking about this.

As I was on my long run yesterday, part of my run took me through the city cemetery. It was quite fascinating. I saw alot of headstones of different people, and I stopped and visited my best friend’s baby’s headstone (he passed away 13 yrs ago).

But, I find it odd that someone who is as necrophobic as I am, at the age of 32 (almost 33), I know where I want to be buried and I know what kind of grave marker I want.

I want to be buried in the Salt Lake City Cemetery. I don’t know why this cemetery, I’ve just always found it VERY fascinating. I know alot of people want to be buried near their family, but I don’t know ANYBODY buried there. My mom and dad want to be buried in St. George. My grandma and grandpa on my mom’s side of the family are buried in Las Vegas. My grandma and grandpa on my dad’s side of the family will be buried in Bountiful. My great grandparents are buried in a HUGE cemetery in the South/East end of Salt Lake City at Memorial Estates (my 2nd pick).

The main entrance to the SLC Cemetery.

The Salt Lake City Cemetery is HUGE. It’s in the older part of Salt Lake City, up in the Avenues. There is ALOT of history in this cemetery. Alot of the prophets of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints have been buried here (not the reason I want to be buried here). I think the history of the cemetery is fascinating.

Weird as it is, I already know what kind of grave marker I want too.

I want a bench!

I want a bench as my grave marker. I always have. When I think of Memorial Day, etc., I want people to come visit my grave, have a seat and visit with me. What better way than to have a bench.

Is it weird that I’m already thinking of this stuff and I’m only 32? Do I need to start drawing up a last will and testament?


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