Sinuses & Allergies

Allergies and sinus issues, don’t ya just love ’em? I sure do (sarcasm)!!! They are honestly taking a toll on my running right now. Tonight I went running and wondered if I’d be able to make it through 6 miles without my head exploding.

Ever since I was the age of 6 (I think), I’ve had issues with my nose and sinuses. Why you might ask? Well, because that is the FIRST time I broke my nose. I remember driving up the street with my mom and her friend Sue to go to JCPenney. I was kneeling in the back seat (I wanted to see out the front window) when someone pulled right out in front of my mom. My mom slammed on the brakes. Well, I had to go SOMEWHERE, so I promptly flew foward and my nose came in contact with a metal portion that was sticking out of the carpet in between the drivers seat and the passenger seat.

The next thing I remember is lying down in the front seat with my mom’s white/cream sweater over my nose (to help stop the bleeding) and we were headed to the emergency room. I remember seeing A TON of blood on that sweater.

Last thing I remember is they were putting tape on my nose and my friend Jennifer’s mom was there reading me a book and then I got to go get a popsicle out of the freezer in the E.R.!

The second time I broke my nose, it wasn’t quite as tragic. You know those big, long, orange extension cords that every man has in his garage? My dad was out working on a car under the carport and I was out horsing around and I tripped over that and went flying, nose first, in to the side of the house. Second broken nose.

Ever since, I’ve had a deviated septum. I’ve always had trouble breathing through my nose. I’ve always been known to breathe through my mouth. Finally, 10 years ago, I went and saw an AWESOME Ear/Nose/Throat doctor, who actually is a family friend, and I had surgery done to fix that.

Well, I think the problem is back. 😦 Boo. I’m sure the chlorine from all the swimming I do doesn’t help. For the past couple of months, I’ve had an off/on again sinus/migraine headache. It has just gotten progressivly worse. Tonight, I’d just had ENOUGH. So…have you ever heard of a neti-pot? I went out and bought one.

If you’ve never used a neti-pot, basically, what you do is you fill the tea pot thing with 1 cup of luke warm distilled water, add in a packet of the sinus cleaner stuff, shake it up, lean over the sink, tilt your head, put the tip of the neti pot up to one of your nostrils, and like magic, water goes up your nose and comes out the other nostril.

First off, it drips out your nose, not a steady stream like this picture shows. At least with mine it did.

I’ll admit it. I was nervous to use the neti-pot. The only thing I’ve ever stuck up my nose is my finger, and that’s when I was a kid!

Have you ever had your ears cleaned out (not with a q-tip, but with water)? You know that gushing feeling you get? That’s what I expected with the neti-pot. That’s SO not what it’s like. You literally don’t feel anything. I was SUPER impressed.

So, I did my right nostril, and water came out. Almost all 8 oz of water came out. So, I followed the instructions, blew my nose after, and then prepared for my left nostril. That’s a DIFFERENT story. Lol. It was awful. My left sinus is so congested, that water wouldn’t come out of my nose!!! I could feel the water going up in to my sinuses and trying to break up the crap that was up there, but it’s just SO clogged up.

The instructions from the neti-pot user manual says you can use the neti-pot up to 6 times a day with no problem. I’ll start with twice a day. I REALLY don’t want to call the doctor if I don’t have to. I can’t afford to take time off to go in to my family practicioner just to have him prescribe me a z-pack. Plus, I just don’t want another prescription. I’m tired of filling prescriptions.

So, I really hope that the more I use the neti-pot, the more it’ll clean out my sinuses and these stupid headaches will go away. However, if it doesn’t make a difference by next Monday, I think it’s time to go back to the Ear/Nose/Throat doctor I went to 10 years ago.


2 thoughts on “Sinuses & Allergies”

  1. Neti Pots are great. My nose is a mess also. I use the Neti pot a few times each month just to keep my beak clear. I have trouble breathing through both nostrils and around mile 10 the mouth automatically drops open and I have to breathe that way for the distance.
    Glad to hear it helps with the headaches. I have some friends that used to have severe migraines. I know how painful they can be.
    Take care…smile through the pain and run on!


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