Not My Ideal Weekend

I thought this weekend was going to be a good one. I thought I was going to get alot accomplished. “I thought” are the key words here.

I got off work Friday night and headed to the gym and did my swimming and then came home and ran 4 miles. I got home and mapped out my 18 mile run for the next day. I was pretty excited because it was going to take me all over South Davis County. I was even going to get to run through the cemetery.

Then about 1:00 a.m., I woke up sicker than sick. I haven’t barfed in a long time, until Friday night/Saturday morning.

Yup, this is how I felt all day Saturday. Without getting in to too much detail, I could barely keep anything down. I tried to stay hydrated with water and Gatorade. I didn’t leave the house, nor my bed, at all on Saturday.

Today, I’m feeling alot better and have been able to keep more food down. I’m a little nervous to eat everything and anything because I don’t want it to upset my stomach even more.

I hope I’m feeling good enough to at least get out of the house today and maybe go for a ride in the car or something. Maybe I should take a shower too. 😉


2 thoughts on “Not My Ideal Weekend”

  1. You poor thing! Taking a shower will make you feel better, I promise. I was just bitching to my parents on the phone about how bad my allergies are- I have no voice, my eyes are itchy, and I’m hacking up all kinds of foreign matter… now I feel terrible for complaining, because it could be so much worse! Time to get down on your ginger ale, saltine crackers, and gatorade. I hope you feel better soon!! xoxo

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