Telos Timp Tri Race Recap

A couple weeks ago I was REALLY feeling the urge to do a triathlon, so I decided to sign up for this triathlon. It was this last Saturday 4/14/12. I’ve done this triathlon before (3 previous times), so I knew what to expect. What I didn’t take in to consideration is I’m training for the Ogden Marathon and I would have to run a long run this weekend as well. I got my training schedule for the week from B.J. and I was scheduled to run 16 miles on Saturday. I said, to hell with it, I’m still going to do this triathlon AND do my long run.

This race is held down in Orem, UT, which is about 45 minutes away. The race was to start at 8:30 a.m., so I got up at 6:10 a.m. so I could make a cup of coffee, eat my breakfast and be on our way so I could get to transition by 7:30 a.m.

When we go to Orem, and got to transition, I was setting up my transition area and felt the tires on my bike and they were pretty low. Thankfully, Freddy’s Bike Repair was there and was able to fill up my tires so I didn’t have to use any of my CO2 cartridges.

Thank you Freddy's!

Made a quick pitstop at the porta potties and it was almost time for the race to start. This is a run/bike/swim order, so it was time to start gathering in the street to start the run. My dad got a quick picture of me right before the race started.

Even though I've been doing races for 3 yrs now, I still get nervous before a race.

All of a sudden it was time to start running. I started out slow, but tried to keep a good pace. I forgot to look at my watch right as I started (I like to keep track of my time) so I didn’t know what kind of pace I was keeping. It’s a pretty flat course except for one gradual hill you have to climb that is maybe 1/4 a mile long. My shins were hurting since about the first 1/4 mile. But, I kept pushing myself. I knew I could do it and I knew it was only 3.1 miles. The last 1/2 mile of the run is on a track. You run up the street of the neighborhood, cross the grass and head on to the grass. As I was getting ready to cross the grass, you heard one of the spectators calling out what place you were in. “132, 133, 134, etc.” and pointing at you. I was in 136th place at the time. I SO didn’t need to hear this guy hollering out the numbers. That’s the last thing I needed to hear. Why? That’s what was on my mind for the rest of the run. When there was about 1/4 mile left on the run, there was a kid that was probably 14 yrs old and he seemed to be struggling with the run. He walk about 50 paces and then run 50 paces and pass me. So, I hollered out to him “C’mon, we’re almost there, you can make it dude!” and he’d start running then.

Here, my dad got a picture of me coming in from the run and heading to transition:

I've got terrible posture in this picture.

The kid that I was cheering on during the run happened to be one row ahead of me in transition, so we chit-chatted a little bit in transition while I was putting on my cycling shoes. He was SO proud that this was his first triathlon. I told him he should definitely BE proud!

I got my bike and headed out of transition. I was nervous about this ride because I’ve never climbed such steep hills on my TT bike. I got on my bike, got my right foot clipped in…AND my chain fell off. 😦 Boo. One of the volunteers came up and held my bike so I could quickly put the chain back on. Then, I was off!

Chain is on and I'm finally off!

On this course, you have to do 2 loops of the bike to reach your 12 miles. Once I left on the bike I got in the aero position really quick and started going. I’ve never had to move from the aero position to the brakes so fast when a car pulled out right in front of me. I was SO mad. Otherwise, for the most part it was a pretty uneventful ride. There is alot of downhill on this ride. You get to ride through UVU campus and you can get going pretty fast. You have to be REALLY careful. On the 2nd loop, one guy ended up wiping out on his bike. I felt bad for him. He was probably going pretty fast, probably 30 mph. The 2 steep hills are one right after another on this course and they are towards the end of the loop. The first time I had to climb the hills, I was nervous, but surprised at how well my TT bike did. Whenever I have to climb these 2 hills, I have flashbacks in my head to when I first did this triathlon and had to walk my bike up the hills; therefore when I’m able to climb the hills, I’m cheering people on and telling them they can climb these hills on their bike. The 2nd time around on the bike, in between the first and second hill, there was a lady sitting down on the curb and had her bike lying next to her. If she had a flat tire, I would’ve stopped and given her one of my CO2 cartridges, so I yelled out at her to see if she was ok and she said “No, I feel like I’m going to pass out, can you send someone?” So, thankfully at the top of the hill, there was a cop at one of the major intersections we had to pass through, I swung wide on that corner and told him that she needed medical attention, then I headed in to the finish.

As I was getting closer to the finish, I decided I was going to try and get out of my shoes, so I didn’t have to clip out of them at the end. I was able to loosen the straps and when I finally pulled my feet out as I was getting ready to pull in to transition, the shoes flipped on the pedal and they’d drag on the ground. I figure, if that’s the least of my worries on this race, I’m doing good. Lol. I need to get better at it though.

Finally racked my bike and headed to the pool. Man, my legs were feeling tired. As soon as I got in the pool and started swimming I was quickly reminded that the night before I had swam 2 miles. My. Arms. Were. Tired. I was definitely swimming slower than I normally would. I definitely didn’t think I’d PR on this race.

Here’s a picture my dad got. I’m in the last lane in the black & white swimming my last lap.

"Just keep swimming, just keep swimming..."

As I got out of the pool, I looked at the clock and it said 1:18:04. I knew I was close to a PR, but I wasn’t sure. I knew I had done good one the bike because there were times where I was out on the course by myself.

I decided to hang around until they posted the results. I got my bike on the car and everything packed up and they finally posted the results, well, at least 1st through 4th place in my age division, and I didn’t place. I knew I had a chance, but I wasn’t surprised. 1st place finished in less than 1 hour (my goal).

Finally when I got home, I found my final time of 1:17:39.6, which is over a 1 min PR from my previous time. I came in 7th in my age group. I’m VERY pleased with the race. The race directors do a GREAT job with this race as well.


2 thoughts on “Telos Timp Tri Race Recap”

  1. Yay! I’m so proud of you! I don’t think I could swim two miles and then do that part of the triathalon the next day. For real. You are insane. Also, A+++ on encouraging the 14 year old. Hearing things like that makes a huge difference, and good for him!

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