Meat Heads

I hate the damn meat heads at the gym. They piss me off more than you’ll ever know. I realize they are just as serious about weight lifting as I am about triathlons, but it seems like these weight lifters at my gym are SO much more inconsiderate than anybody else at the gym.

I don’t know what it’s like at your gym, but last night I went up to the gym to do my weights and core workout and I couldn’t do hardly any of my weights because the meat heads were hogging all of the weight machines. Then, they’d take the handle from one of the machines and use it on a different machine so you can’t use the one machine that is available.

I could stand behind them while they do their thing at that particular weight machine, but it doesn’t make them hurry any faster. I do 20 reps on each machine. They seem to do A MILLION!!! It’s very frustrating and aggravating. I’m sending an email to my gym complaining because they have staff that is supposed to enforce rules, etc., but they never do.

You know what else irritates the crap outta me? The high school girls or young girls that are going to the gym because they want to impress someone. So, they go to a weight machine and do 2 or 3 reps and then sit there and talk to their friend or text. Then they decide to do 2 or 3 more reps. Ok, these weight machines aren’t a resting place. There are plenty of people that are waiting to use that machine. Either use it or get off!

All I ask is that the hard core weight lifters be considerate of others at the gym. I try my best to be considerate when I’m there. I just ask the same of them.


5 thoughts on “Meat Heads”

  1. I have another friend who complained about ‘talker’ in the gym pool. Two ladies talked at the end of a lane in the pool for a long time so, of course, the lane could not be used by ‘swimmers’. My friend was pretty bummed that night because he couldn’t get his laps done.

    1. I run in to that in the pool too. It’s easier for me to be upfront about things like that in the pool though. For instance, I was doing my swimming the other day & 2 little girls (age 10) decided to play in my swim lane. I was SUPER frustrated, but I said to myself “screw it! I was here first, I’m going to keep swimming.”

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