Seriously? Again?

Seriously? Am I REALLY starting to get shin splints again? I’m SO tired of this. I’m going to a running store tomorrow to have them analyze my gait and see if they can help me out. This is getting ridiculous.

In the meantime, I’ve got a race tomorrow morning. I’m running down Emigration Canyon.

The race starts up in East Canyon and then comes down Emigration Canyon and ends at This Is the Place Monument Park. This week is one of my “taper” weeks for training for my marathon, so instead of a long run on Saturday, I only have to run 12 miles. So I’m running this race with some folks from work.

I’m excited about the race, but running down hill, I guess my form is terrible, so that’s how I tend to get shin splints. Earlier this week, I ran 3 miles up City Creek Canyon, and then turned around and ran back down City Creek Canyon.

City Creek Canyon

Since running City Creek, my shins haven’t been feeling as good as they should have. Today has been the worst when I went and ran 4 miles. When I got home from my 4 miles this afternoon, my shins didn’t feel good at all. I iced them down and they felt better.

I took an ice bath tonight, with some Epsom Salt, and am now wearing my compression socks, so hopefully my shins will feel good for the race tomorrow.

I’m going to really pay attention to my form tomorrow on my 10 miles and try running a better form to prevent hurting my shins more. Depending on how my shins feel tomorrow, I’ll take a break from running again. I just HATE this. It is SO incredibly frustrating.


6 thoughts on “Seriously? Again?”

  1. Hi triing2survive. I have read your blog with interest. It sounds like you are really taking this exercise stuff seriously. Sorry about the shin splints. Have you sought the advice of a sports doctor? I suspect you are very young – be careful that you don’t burn out. I hope you are following a scientific programme and not pushing yourself toward serious injury. It is good to be fit – but don’t hurt yourself in the process.
    Enough preaching – your write well and I am enjoying reading about your journey through triathlons.

    1. Hi there! Glad you enjoy reading my blog. I have talked to a sports doctor. It basically comes down to how I run. I have too heavy of a heal strike. I’m currently trying to work on that. It’s TOUGH. Young…hmmmm…sometimes I don’t feel young. I’m 32. 🙂 Thank you so much for your concern. I really appreciate it.

  2. Downhills are pretty rough on quads and shins especially. So if they are a little sore post race ice them off and on for a few days. try starting your runs with a 1/4mile power walk to warm up your legs, that helped me a ton.

  3. Shin splints are the worst. I get them after I take an extended break (5 days or more) from running. I always blamed it on lack of stretching. It could be my heal strike or lack of a proper warm up. Thanks for sharing! Hope you are feeling better (almost a month later). :-p

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