They Don’t Get It

I went up to the gym tonight to do my swimming and I was able to get my dad to go with me. Granted, he did alot of sitting in the hot tub, but hey, it’s a start.

Part of my workout tonight was to swim 20 sets of 50 yds with 20 second rests in between. Sometimes when I swim so many sets, I tend to lose track of what set I’m on because you’re so focused on the time on the clock, etc. My dad was standing there at the time and I asked him if he’d keep track of my sets for me. I explained to him that it was a 25 yds pool, so down and back would be 50 yds, and I had to do that 20 times. He said ok, and I started my swimming.

As I was swimming, I still tried to keep track of what set I was on. After my 6th set I looked up at him and asked him, to make sure that I was thinking correctly, that I had just finished 6 sets and he said no, 10, no wait 5. In other words, he wasn’t paying much attention.

I got really mad, I got frustrated and honestly, my feelings were hurt. I had to explain to them that when they don’t pay attention like that, or they don’t want to go to the gym with me or go on a workout with me, it hurts my feelings. Yes, I understand that they might not be able to run 6 miles, or they might not be able to swim 2 miles, or ride a bike 37 miles, but putting in the effort is what matters to me. Even if they rode the bike while I ran 6 miles would be good. But they just don’t get it.

It SUCKS having NO ONE to workout with. It gets lonely not being able to train with someone or to have someone to go to the gym with. Yes, I went running the other day with Sylvia, but she can run faster than I can, so she gets to the turn around point or whatnot long before I do, so it’s basically like I’m running alone.

I get jealous when I read on Twitter about my friends going out on group runs and being able to go do their swimming workouts with their tri friends. I don’t have that. I’m always running by myself. I’m always swimming by myself, the only thing right now is I have a spinning class I go to on Tuesday mornings, but we don’t make buddies there.

My parents don’t get that I invite them to the gym because 1. I’m concerned about their lifestyle, and 2. I want someone who is slower than me to workout with to kind of boost my self esteem and to have someone there to maybe chat, with etc.


2 thoughts on “They Don’t Get It”

  1. I would TOTALLY work out with you girlie! I just know we have completely different schedules!! BOO.. Sarah and I always do our swim Friday mornings 9:00 if you ever happen to have a day or morning off – I’d love to do it with you!

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