Running Long Distances

What is it about running long distances that makes me want to run even more? This has happened to me before. Last year when I was running the Epic Relay, within a 36 hour period, I ran 20.64 miles. While we were waiting for van # 2 to get to the finish line, I was really itching to do more running. I LOVED it. The next morning, I got up and ran an additional 4 miles just because I felt like running. Everybody else on my team thought I was nuts.

Yesterday, after I ran 16.1 miles, a little later, I just felt like running some more. I was busy helping my dad grocery shop and get dinner ready and then going in to Keys on Main, so unfortunately I didn’t get any more miles in.

I can’t wait to get my workouts from my coach for the week to see how many miles I get to run tomorrow! Yay! This is another reason why I want to do an ultra-marathon. I think it’d be SO fun. Once you get out there and get in the zone, I just love running.

Have you ever done a Ragnar or Epic Relay? How many miles have you run in 1 time frame?


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