Easter Candy

Tis the season for all that yummy Easter candy to be staring you in the face at the grocery store. Everywhere you turn, there is a display of Easter candy.

My favorite Easter candy is Cadbury Eggs or anything that involves peanut butter & chocolate. Well, the peanut butter & chocolate is for any time of year. I just had a thought! How good would it be if they made a Cadbury Egg that had peanut butter in it instead of carmel or that other stuff?!?! OMG, that would be heaven!

I was pleasantly surprised to see that a Cadbury Egg only has 150 calories in them. I was totally expecting more calories than that considering how delicious and rich and ooey gooey yummy that stuff is on the inside. Now this is just the traditional Cadbury Egg. I don’t know how many calories the Cadbury Carmel Eggs have in them.

But, I know that alot of people enjoy the Peeps during this time of year. I, however, can only have 1 peep and I’m good for the entire year. The other day, I somehow managed to eat 4 of the bunny Peeps and after I felt like I could barf. Peeps just don’t do anything for me. I know some people like them once they go a little stale and everything.

But, if you are one of those people that enjoy Peeps, but are trying to watch what you eat, or you have diabetic loved ones, etc., I found these Sugar Free Peeps the other day! They’re not bad at all. Honestly, I couldn’t tell the difference between the Sugar Free Peeps and the regular Peeps (you know how you can sometimes tell if it’s sugar free or not?).

These Peeps have only 60 calories a serving and the serving is the entire package! These 3 peeps that come in the package are larger than a normal Peep too! Just 1 row of the bunny Peeps (I think there are 4 or 5 in a row and 12 in a package total) had 110 calories!

If I loved Peeps and could eat an endless supply of these, I’d be all over the Sugar Free Peeps.

Do you have a favorite Easter candy?


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