Longest Run To Date

Today was my longest run I’ve ever run. Ever. Well…all in one sitting. Kind of. Like, I’ve ran 20+ miles doing the Epic Relay and I’ve done 20+ miles running the Las Vegas Ragnar, but that is all spaced over 36 hours.

Today, I ran 16.1 miles in 2:47:58! The plan that B.J. sent me was to run 10 miles this morning and then run 6 miles in the evening. I hate having a workout hang over my head, so I wanted to get all 16 done at once.

I was originally going to get up bright & early and go to a group run out in Taylorsville at 6:30 a.m., but my bed was more comfortable. So, I got up at 8:00 a.m., had some breakfast (4 pieces of toast with peanut butter), let that settle and then hit the road.

The first 6 miles was TOUGH!!! I wasn’t feeling well, my body felt weak and I didn’t understand why. I made sure I fueled myself well for the run. I made sure I was drinking enough water. I just didn’t get it. Plus, I was doubting if I would be able to even finish those 6 miles let alone do 10 more miles. There were SO many times on the run that I wanted to call my dad to come pick me up. But I didn’t. I powered through. I had to walk some, I ran some. I stopped and got more water at about 3 1/2 mile mark and I ate my Powerbar Gel. I felt a little better, but it was still tough.

Somehow I made it home after 6 miles in 1:06:XX. I was feeling defeated. I had NO clue how I was going to run 10 more miles. So, I decided to take a 1 hour rest, eat a bagel, take some Excedrin (heat induced headache) and then head back out.

Right before I headed back out, I ate another gel, brought 2 more gels with me, made sure I had plenty of water, mapped a new 10 mile route and was off.

One of my favorite flavors.

The last 10 miles were ALOT better. Granted, I still had my tough times, but mentally I was able to handle it. Maybe it’s cause I switched up the route. The most tough part about these 10 miles was the headwind heading back home.

I was SO happy to get back home and step in to an ice bath. It was PURE heaven.

The only thing about running this far is my hip hurts. Last year, somehow, I tore a muscle in my left hip. How? I have no clue. The pain got so bad that I finally went to the orthopedic surgeon. He put me on some steroids for a week and pain meds and I had to stop running for 6 weeks. I really hope that the pain I have today is just because my body isn’t use to running 16.1 miles in one day. I will do some foam rolling and ice and see how it goes. We’ll see how my hip feels tomorrow.

Did you run this weekend? How many miles did you run?


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