Reflective Vests

Lately, I’ve been doing alot of my running at night. With my schedule, that’s just what works best for me some times. Right now, it gets dark around 8:00 and I usually don’t get back from my run until 9:00 p.m.

For safety reasons, I always put on a reflective vest and wear a headlamp. Secretly I try and pretend like I’m running a night time leg of the Ragnar Relay.

The vest I’m wearing right now is my mom’s crossing guard vest. I HATE it, but I put up with it for safety reasons. The vest is too big and it has a pocket that I put my cell phone in and it just flops around and falls of my shoulders, etc. So, I’m looking for a new running vest and want your opinion.

I’ve worn the following running vest before on a Ragnar Relay and an Epic Relay. It’s ok, but because I carry alot of my extra weight & skin in my mid section, it just sits funny on me. It is nice that it has a little pocket that is big enough to put your ID in or what not. It’s easy to clip a red light on the back too.

Amphipod Reflective Vest

I’ve never worn a Nathan’s reflective vest before. It doesn’t look too bad. I know it’s less expensive than the Amphipod one.

Nathan Vest

Do you wear a reflective vest if you go running at night? Do you have a specific vest you prefer?


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