Processed Foods

Within the past 2 days, when I’ve been running, my left foot has been falling asleep and getting all tingly. At first I thought it was because my new shoe laces were too tight, so tonight I loosened them, but it was still happening.

I talked to my dad about it and he said that maybe I’m retaining water. How does one retain water? They eat ALOT of sodium, and guess what? I eat ALOT of sodium. Monday – Friday, 2 out of 3 of the meals I eat every day are usually frozen meals/processed foods. Processed foods tend to have alot of sodium in them. I eat ALOT of cheese too.

I’ve eaten these processed foods like this every day since I started my weight loss/triathlon journey. I want to cut back on eating so many processed foods, but it scares me. Alot of people say that I should eat more home cooked meals, and I agree, but the thing is, I live at home with my mom and dad and they don’t always tend to eat healthy. I honestly wouldn’t feel comfortable eating what they eat, and that’s why I’ve eaten so many processed foods.

I’m not sure how to go about eating less processed foods. I don’t have time when I get home from work to cook my own meal. I eat lunch and dinner at work so that as soon as I get home from work around 6:00 p.m., I can get right in to my workout.

Do you have any suggestions for me?


4 thoughts on “Processed Foods”

  1. Make your own freezer meals. On your day off grill some chicken breasts, roast some vegetables, make mashed potatoes…whatever you want to eat during the week, and then portion it out into divided containers and freeze them. Just grab one out of the freezer in the morning and reheat at lunch and dinner. You can do the same with soup or chili, and you can decide how much sodium to add. There are a lot of sodium free seasonings, like Mrs Dash.
    One of my favorite things to make for lunch is a veggie wrap. I take a whole wheat tortilla, add roasted red pepper hummus, cucumber, bell pepper, avocado, shredded carrots, and green onion. If you have everything cut up in advance, then it’s really easy to put together, and really healthy and low in sodium.

    1. That’s a great idea Katie. I will have to start making and freezing meals on the weekend. That veggie wrap sounds delicious!!! As far as hummus…have you ever tried Happy Monkey Hummus? If not, you totally should!

  2. One idea is to take a day on the weekend, when you have more time, to cook up some good meals with whole foods and then use them throughout the week. Good soups, casseroles, etc. are all easy to make in bulk and then freeze/refrigerate. You can also easily take fresh fruits/veggies to work with you. I pack my kids school lunches every day and they always have both in them. Once you get in the habit, it will all become second nature. Good luck!

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