It’s Costing Me an Arm & a Leg

I went to the gas station twice in the past 5 days! I feel like I’m being robbed!!! My gas gauge was just a little below 1/4 a tank. I put $20 in the tank and that got me a little below 3/4 of a tank of gas. I paid $3.579, and that was at Maverik where if you use your Adventure Club Card, you get 2 cents off. So, originally it was $3.599 a gallon!

I swear to you, if gas prices go to $4.00/gallon, I will refuse to drive and I will walk/run/ride my bike EVERYWHERE. I can’t afford to keep paying this much.

I’ve got alot of friends from Twitter and from the blog world that live elsewhere. Just curious, how much are you guys paying for gas?


2 thoughts on “It’s Costing Me an Arm & a Leg”

    1. Holy cow!!! Ya, I remember in high school I paid like $0.89 a gallon at one time. It’s ridiculous. I can’t wait until it gets a little bit warmer & then I’ll ride my bike home from work.

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