Klondike’s Outdoor Excurssion

Let me introduce you to my cat Klondike.

We got Klondike I can’t remember how many years ago when we were living 6 houses down the street. Klondike and hsi brother Mortimer were abandoned outside, in the middle of winter, by our dead beat neighbors that were renting the house next door. My brother and I happened to find the kittens by mistake.

My brother and I were outside emptying the trash or something and we heard these little kitties meowing and went to find them. We found Klondike and his brother Mortimer in our outdoor storage closet. We brought them inside and showed my mom and dad and then figured they belonged to the neighbors and maybe had accidentally gotten out. We took the cats back over and they said oh yeah, they are ours, but we decided we didn’t want them because they left a scent in our house so we’re going to take them back to PetSmart tomorrow, but in the meantime we put them in our shed (outside).

They had already taken the kittens out of our hands so it’s not like we could reach and grab them. But, later that night, the kittens got out again, and we promptly took them in to our house and kept them. Well, we kept Klondike. We found a home for Mortimer.

Ever since then, Klondike has been afraid of outside. I remember I was holding Klondike and took him outside and had to run back inside because he was promptly shredding my shirt with his back claws. Klondike has always been afraid of people too. It takes him a looooong time to warm up to people.

Anywho, we found it interesting that earlier this week, Klondike spent the night outside!!! Honestly, when my dad told me about it, it scared me. We didn’t know that he had gotten outside. I guess he happened to get the guts up to sneak out or something when the front door was open. My dad found Klondike snuggled up between our two garbage cans by the house in the morning when my dad went to empty his litter box. Poor Klondike was scared out of his mind. He went straight to my dad.

It worried me that Klondike had gotten out because he’s an old cat now. He’s 14 years old. Plus, I’m sorry animal people, but we had Klondike declawed. We didn’t want him ruining furniture, etc. There are other cats in the neighborhood that roam around at night and I was afraid he would’ve got in a fight or something.

I’m glad Klondike’s ok. He hasn’t gone near the door since.


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