Giveaway Questions

I really want to get more in to blogging. I find it as a great outlet and way to meet more people that have the same thing in common as I do. I follow ALOT of blogs. Some of these blogs do free giveaways and contests for free running product. My question is, the product they are giving away…does it come out of your own pocket? I’m thinking of maybe doing a giveaway, but not sure how to go about doing it.


2 thoughts on “Giveaway Questions”

  1. Yes, unless they’re being sponsored (which many of them are), it comes out of pocket. For example, one blogger might have ended up with two of the same iphone cases off of ebay, so they could do a giveaway of one of them. It’s just something fun, that’s all. I fully support your giveaway idea, because I love free stuff hahahaha

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