Shin Update

I thought I’d update everyone on my shins. People at work have been asking about my shins too. I’ve been very vocal about how they’ve been hurting lately.

Today I made a pretty tough decision. I’ve decided to NOT run until late next week unless my shins and legs feel SUPER-DUPER good. I can’t risk having shin splints turn in to a stress fracture. No can do. Even though I have the Ogden Marathon on May 19th, I think I’ll still have time to train for it. If I don’t, I’m better off being out $80 (registration fee) for the Ogden Marathon, than possibly being out the entire season due to a stress fracture if I continue to run with shin splints.

It was really hard to make this decision. Last Thursday, my shins hurt SUPER bad. I stopped running after 1 mile, went home and broke down. I didn’t run Friday, I didn’t run Saturday. Saturday I took an ice bath. It didn’t seem to help. The whole day on Saturday my shins hurt. I didn’t run again until Tuesday.

Tuesday I felt pretty good running. The only time my shins hurt was when I was running uphill or if the sidewalk/road was on a slant. But even then, it didn’t hurt too bad. It was very minimal pain. I came home, iced down and did some foam rolling.

I didn’t have to run on Wednesday, but I’ve been wearing my compression socks/sleeves 24/7. Wednesday and Thursday my shins didn’t feel too bad. Today they ached a little bit, but nothing too bad. At one point, I ran probably 25 yards from a conference room back to my desk to grab something and my shins seemed to not like that too much, but as soon as I was off my feet, I was ok. Every once in a while I’d get a pain in my shin.

With that, I just decided it is better to hold off on running for right now; however, I am still going to bike and swim. Last year (right around this time) I had shin splints REALLY bad. So bad, I thought I had a stress fracture. It was just terrible. I went to see my orthopedic surgeon and I didn’t have a stress fracture, just really bad shin splints. I remember one thing he said: “You can swim & bike as much as you want, you just need to stop running for a little bit”. So, with that being said, I will bike and swim still, just hold off on running until late next week and give my shins a good 10 days to heal up.


3 thoughts on “Shin Update”

  1. Ooohh! Compression socks… sexy! I’m glad you made that decision- in the military we generally just learned to live with have shin splints 24/7, and a LOT of people ended up with stress fractures. I’m proud that you’re sticking with taking it easy, and really really impressed that you stopped after a mile. You know your body well, and I’m not sure I would have the will power to make that call in the name of health. I give you two thumbs up for taking such great care of yourself πŸ™‚

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