Cycling Rant

Lately the cycling workouts B.J. has given me have been requiring me to do intervals at my race pace. There’s just one slight problem with that. I have NO clue what my race pace is. When I’ve been racing, I don’t pay attention to my pace, for multiple reasons. In my first and only Olympic distance triathlon so far, I didn’t pay attention to my pace because my speedometer wasn’t working, but I know I was slower than slow. Other times, just turning on my speedometer has been the last thing on my mind.

But, with my workouts lately, according to my workout summary, my average pace has been about 20.5 mph. I KNOW I’ve never gone that fast during a race. I wish I was going that fast. So, I guess my question is, what is your average race pace? I know my coach, when he was in KONA last year, his race pace on the bike was between 20-21 mph. Do I just have super strong legs or am I being too easy on myself on the bike?

Also, another thing I wanted to add on this post, is when I was at the cycling class at Salt Lake Running Co earlier this week that my coach teaches, he said something that really hit home. We had a REALLY hard workout. We did 8 x 3 min intervals at race pace with 2 min easy in between. His heart rate monitor gages your workout on a scale from 1 to 5 with 5 being the hardest, and our workout that day was a 4.2. But, anywho, what he said was, workouts like this is what helps you get better and go faster and win the race. It’s not about the miles you put on the bike, it’s about the effort you put in while you’re in the saddle.

That really hit home with me. Why? Because I’ve always thought that to be able to finish an Ironman, I need to be able to bike 112 miles. 112 miles is a loooooooooooooooong way. When B.J. said what he said, it made me realize that I don’t necessarily have to bike 112 miles in one sitting before I do an Ironman, but it’s all about the effort I put in.

Last, this weekend is going to be b-e-a-utiful! It’s supposed to get up in to the low 60’s this weekend. I would LOVE to be able to take Jagger (my bike) out for it’s maiden voyage on the roads, but oh wait, I can’t. Why? Shin splints. 😦


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