I LOVE planking! When I do my weights and core workout, what I look forward to the most is planking.

One time when I was at the gym, my coach and his wife were on the mats next to me doing their core workout and he told her it was time to do planks and she said she hated them. I almost turned to her and told her that they were my favorite!

Why are they my favorite? I’m not exactly sure. Maybe because it’s like a competition against myself. I remember the first time B.J. had me do a plank. At 30 seconds my arms were shaking. I didn’t think I would make it to 60 seconds. I did, but my arms felt like jello after. Since then, I’ve turned planking in to a competition against myself. I try and see how long I can plank before my arms can’t take it any more. I think my longest plank was 120 seconds.

There was one lady on Twitter that said her longest plank was 10 minutes! TEN MINUTES!!! That is one long plank! I can’t wait to get to the point where I can plank for 10 minutes. I think that would be awesome.

What is your longest plank?

Happy planking!


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