New Shoes from Salt Lake Running Co

I buy all my running gear at Salt Lake Running Co. My coach is the sales floor manager there, plus they specialize in running. I feel like when I walk in there I’m getting the best advice I can get and they don’t pressure you.

Lately I’ve been having issues with my shins. They’ve been hurting. Some days they’ve hurt more than others. I’ve been living in my compression socks. I only have 1 pair of compression socks and they are CEP Compression socks. But, one pair of compression socks just isn’t enough. Especially when you’re training for a marathon.

Amanda, at Salt Lake Running Co suggested this new pair of compression sleeves:

The brand name is 110%. What sold me on these compression sleeves is they have an outer sleeve so that you can slip a special ice pack in there to ice your legs while wearing the compression sleeves. You can use this ice pack as a hot pack too, by sticking it in the microwave. That’ll make it SO much nicer. I’ve been icing my legs down wearing my CEP socks, but you have to balance the ice pack on them, and it’s not easy. It’ll be nice to have 2 pair of compression socks/sleeves.

I also bought a new pair of shoes too. I currently wear the Brooks Adrenaline GPS. They are only a couple of months old, but they just don’t seem to have the same amount of cushion as other running shoes I’ve had. I tried on a different pair of Brooks and didn’t like them. I also tried on a pair of Mizuno. The Mizuno were better than the brooks, but they weren’t the best. Then, I tried on the Saucony’s and I was in heaven. I walked around the store in them and they had SO much cushion.

I can’t wait to run in them!


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