Ice Bath

Like I said in my previous post, I’ve been having trouble with my shins lately. Last night I was scheduled to run 5 miles. I went up to the indoor track at the gym and started to run. I took a potty break at mile 2 and my shins just started to hurt. They hurt worse than they have in the past couple of days. The past couple of days they’ve hurt, but when I put my compression socks on, they didn’t hurt too bad. Well, when I took the potty break, it just hurt SO bad I couldn’t keep running.

I came home, foam rolled and iced down my shins & put my compression socks on again. I told myself that if my shins still hurt in the morning, I wouldn’t go for my scheduled 10 mile run.

My shins didn’t hurt as bad this morning, but they still ached. I was supposed to do an 80 minute ride on the bike trainer and then go for a 10 mile run. With the Ogden Marathon coming up in 78 days, I decided to rest from the run until Monday.

To help with my shin splints, I did something today I never thought I would do. I took an ice bath! Wow! At first it hurt SOOOOOO bad. I got a 20 lb bag of ice, dumped it in to my bath tub & filled it with cold water & sat down.


At first I couldn’t fully submerge my legs it was so cold. But, one of my friends in the Idiots Running Club told me to have a hot beverage while I was in the ice bath and have something to occupy my mind. So, I had a cup of hot coffee and I was on Twitter the whole time. I needed to sit in the ice bath for 20 minutes. Surprisingly the time went by fast.

I was going to go straight from the ice bath to a hot shower, but was advised not to so I could prevent DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness). DOMS is the last thing I would need. When I got out of the bath, my legs were bright red. I was toweling off and I couldn’t feel my legs or toes.

Look how red my legs are!

I patiently waited 20 minutes and then hopped in a nice warm shower. That shower never felt so good in my life.

So far, the ice bath has worked and my shins aren’t nearly as painful and sore as they were yesterday. I figure if I continue to ice down and take it easy, and wear my compression sleeves/socks, I’ll be able to run again by Monday.

7 thoughts on “Ice Bath”

  1. Well, I’ve heard of shin splints and ice baths but now I have really learned step by step what to do about them. Informative post. Glad you are feeling better. Your amazingly strong.

  2. NICE WORK – first time I saw Brice filling the tub with ice I thought he was CRAZY – but he swore by them…

    1. They work wonders. I’m pretty sure after all of long runs and after I finish the Ogden Marathon, I’ll come home to an ice bath. They’re not bad if you can keep your mind occupied while you sit there.

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