Wants vs. Needs

This is one of those items I’m trying to justify spending $450 on. Yes, you read that dollar figure right. Last year, I had a Garmin Heart Rate Monitor and LOVED it. But then, the battery died, so I bought a new battery for it & then the seal broke on my heart rate monitor, so water would get in it & it ruined it. It was a very sad day.

Then I found out about the Garmin Forerunner 910xt. It’s everything I want and more. It’s an amazing heart rate monitor, it has a GPS, you can mount it on your bike and it’ll give you your speed/cadence. It literally has EVERYTHING. Hence why I want it so bad. But, I’m having a hard time justifying paying $450 for it. Especially when I have a race up in Walla Walla, Washington this year and a race up in Idaho this year.


2 thoughts on “Wants vs. Needs”

  1. Seriously check KSL!! Brice found me a Garmin on there for much cheaper for Christmas. Yes…can be a gamble.. but if you know they are selling it just because they want the lastest and greatest… it can be a good bet. 🙂

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