Earlier today, my sister-in-law posted on Facebook that she was going to a zumba class tonight at 7:30 & wanted to know if anybody else wanted to go with her.

My sister-in-law always invites me to come, but lately I’ve had a really busy/crazy schedule. I told my sister-in-law that if I got done with my 5 mile run before 7:30 that I would come to the class with her. My sister-in-law really wants to lose some weight and I figure if I can support her & give her the encouragement by going to the class, that’s the least I can do.

I got done with my 5 mile run at 7:20 and booked it over to the class. I was really nervous about the class. I’m not the most coordinated person you’ve ever met. My sister-in-law, 10 yr old neice, and I were in the back of the class.

I have to admit…it was a TON of fun. There were some of the moves where there was just NO WAY I was going to be able to pull them off. I’m sure I looked like a bit of a moron with some of the moves too, but nobody is paying attention to you. They’re paying attention to the teacher.

The teacher was awesome. She was SO upbeat (how can you NOT be when teaching Zumba?)! I had a blast. I had a killer workout. I’m sure if after the class I would’ve taken my shirt off, I could have rung it out it was just dripping wet (TMI?).

I think I might start going to the class every week (this particular class is once a week). It’s only $5. You can get a punch pass too. Plus, it’ll give me “permission” to eat more…and we all know how much I love to eat.

If you haven’t gone to a zumba class, all I have to say, is put your pride aside, and go! It is totally worth it.


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