My Love

This is going to be the first year that I’m excited to celebrate Valentine’s Day. If you’ve been on Facebook or Twitter, I’m now in a relationship. That’s so weird to say. I’ve never been able to say that before.

Please meet my boyfriend Brandon!


I met him back in January. My friend Luke (he was friends with my brother in high school) came to Keys on Main one Saturday night & Brandon. I didn’t think much of it until a couple of days later I got a message from Luke because Brandon had asked for my phone #. That same day Brandon texted me and we haven’t stopped talking.

Our first date was on 1/21/12 & we went and saw the new Sherlock Holmes movie & went to dinner. He first said I love you on 2/1/12.

Brandon is 22 yrs old, so there is a significant age difference between the two of us; however, he doesn’t act 22 yrs old. Brandon went to culinary arts school and works up at the cafeteria at the capitol. He’s cooked me some pretty AMAZING dinners. 🙂

Brandon and I have quite a bit in common, but at the same time, we have some differences that help even us out. I think we’ve got a pretty good relationship. I was telling Brandon today that our first date was 1/21/12, which was less than 1 month ago, yet it seems like I’ve known him for A LOT longer than that.

Brandon doesn’t do triathlons and marathons; howver, I’m lucky to have found a man that understands my rigorous training for triathlons and marathons. A lot of people don’t understand that training and time it requires to do these races, but Brandon does, and he is very supportive.

I haven’t been this happy in a long time. Brandon loves me for me. I can be myself around Brandon and I don’t have to put on a show or anything like that. I’m so happy I’ve found him.

Any other questions you have? I’m never sure what to post on subjects like this.


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