Broken Toe & 1/2 Ironman

So…2 weeks ago this coming Monday I broke my toe. I’m CONVINCED it’s the dog’s fault. I gave Tank a bath earlier that day. He doesn’t like baths.

Tank bath

Later that night, I tripped over one of his dog toys/treats (I’m convinced he strategically placed it there) and I went foot first in to the couch. It hurt SUPER bad. I screamed MANY obscenities.

It was my baby toe on my right foot, so I couldn’t really buddy tape it. My baby toe is significantly shorter than my other toes, so it makes it tough to buddy tape it. I’m convinced this was Tank’s pay back for me giving him a bath. Lol.

That night it hurt to do ANYTHING. It hurt to walk, it hurt to put on a shoe, it hurt if the sheets on the bed touched it. It just wasn’t fun.

So, I had to make a decision. I was already behind on my training for my 70.3 in September. I was going to have to take at least 1 week off of training because of my broken toe. I was already behind on marathon training too for my marathon in Oct. I talked with a friend that is also a coach, and I made the executive decision to back out of my 70.3 in September. :( I’ve emailed the race director to see if I can at least demote myself to the Olympic distance, but haven’t heard back from him yet. I’m probably going to demote myself to the 1/2 marathon distance of my race in October too.

Am I bummed? Yes. Is it the right thing to do? Most likely. I mean, I’m going on vacation next week too. Let’s get real folks, there isn’t going to be a lot of training going on while on vacation either.

I do have to say…I feel a lot less pressure on myself for training right now, knowing that I don’t have a 70.3 in September that I’m SO not ready for.

I have decided though, once I get back from vacation, it’s time to REALLY knuckle down with training because I want to train and do Ironman St George 70.3 next year. It’s a TOUGH course, but if I start training and building my endurance now, I think I can do it. No…I KNOW I can do it. :)

Have you ever had to back out of a race before?

Summer Link Up

I was thinking I needed to blog again, but time has been tight and I haven’t known what to blog about. But, then this cute girl did this blog and I thought I’d join in on the summer link up. :)

The one thing I am most looking forward to this summer is…vacation. We’re heading down to San Diego at the end of this month.

The most annoying person I know is…probably one of my co-workers at my 2nd job.

I would like to meet…the finish line of a race. I haven’t done too many races this year and I miss it.

After a long day, there is nothing better than…climbing in to bed and having the fan blow on my face.

The most embarrassing summer work uniform I ever had to wear was when…I didn’t really have any odd jobs. Every job I’ve ever had usually makes you wear a polo shirt and either jeans or black or khaki pants.

When I hear my alarm clock go off…I try & think of how much more sleep I can get before I actually have to get up. Haha!

My favorite form of summer exercise is…I love running, but it’s SO DAMN HOT!!!

When the ice cream truck comes I always…think it’s creepy. Our ice cream trucks here are kind of sketchy looking.
ice cream truck

The oldest article of summer clothing I own is…probably some flip flops I bought about 6 yrs ago.

My favorite summer outdoor activity is…riding my bike & running. Or taking the kids to the local splash pad.

My favorite thing to grill is…hot dogs & hamburgers. :) I’m an all-American girl.

The worst summer date/romance I had was…I’ve never dated too much, so this question is really not applicable.

My favorite summer drink is…water or lemonade.

There are times when I just wish summer…wasn’t so dang hot!

The best song on the radio right now is…I don’t listen to the radio too much, so I’ll just pick a favorite song. This one.

Jimmy Buffet is…AWESOME!! Cheeseburger in Paradise…do I need to say more? Lol.

My best summer vacation ever was…we always went to Las Vegas on our vacations because we have family there.

4th of July is…fun! BBQ’s, fireworks…I LOVE it!

After I’m done reading/commenting here…I’m going to…check on the laundry for work.

It’s not summer until…you wear flip flops & a sun dress. :)

Meet Theodore

Theodore the pig

Theodore the pig

Meet Theodore. He is a pet pig that lives in our apartment complex!!!

The other day, the boyfriend was on his way to the store & he texted me saying he saw a guy walking a pig. I didn’t realize the pig lived in our apartment complex.

Today, my mom & dad came out to help shuttle kids to different places and my dad was out walking our dog & he got all excited because he saw the pet pig, so he hung up with me and took a picture.

Surprisingly, Tank, our min pin, didn’t get too excited, like he does with other dogs. Tank & Theodore have kind of become friends. Tank went up and sniffed the pig and the pig would oink at Tank, but Tank didn’t bark or anything.

How cool would it be to have a pet pig? I think it’d be fun. It’d be messy though.

Have you seen any strange animals wandering around your neighborhood?

Things People Say

This last weekend, in a period of 2 days, I was asked TWICE if I was pregnant. For the record…the answer is NO!!! I find it interesting though that this question was asked at this particular time, because Rob and I have talked about having a kid together, but we’re just not sure. We had a more in depth conversation about it this last weekend than we’ve had before.

It makes me feel self conscious when these two people asked me this. I’m sure I’ve gained a little bit of weight lately because I just haven’t had time to workout (I have 2 jobs, 2 kids {the boyfriend’s} that need special attention, plus I’m trying/attempting to train for a 70.3).

Also…due to my weight loss, I have a decent sized muffin top. There are some shirts & dresses that no matter what I wear, it’s just not flattering on me.

I wonder if I’ve really gained THAT much weight that it looks more noticeable than it did before. When I was a big girl, I was asked once if I was pregnant, and honestly, I can kind of understand that because I was SO obese, it did kind of look like I did. But, I haven’t been asked since I lost weight if I was pregnant or not. It kind of struck a chord with me, ya know?

Sorry…just a little rant.

Should I or Shouldn’t I?

One bad thing about lap swimming is it gives my mind plenty of time to wander. Monday I was swimming 4 x 500 and somehow I’m able to keep track of what lap # I’m on and my mind wanders at the same time. It SUCKS. I tend to overthink a lot of things during this time as well.

On Monday, this is what was going through my mind during my swim workout:

I’m seriously debating dropping out of my 70.3 this fall. I’m thinking of seeing if I can transfer my bib to the olympic distance race at the same venue & day.

My training just hasn’t been consistent enough. I’m NO WHERE near where I want to be as far as my times, etc. My swimming is incredibly slow. I can’t even run a 10 min mile. My weights & core workout hasn’t been consistent either.

Compared to when I was training for the Boise 70.3, I’m not even close to where I should be physically.

Could I do the 70.3 and finish it? Probably. Would I be happy with my time? Probably not. Would I beat myself up over it? Probably.

I’ve still got a little bit of time to think about it, but I’m seriously debating it.

If you were in my position, what would you do?

Throwback Thursday

Me at 1 week old. 34 yrs later and I still have that orange blanket. :)

Me at 1 week old. 34 yrs later and I still have that orange blanket. :)

I still have the doll too.

I still have the doll too.

Me at 1 month old at my blessing/christening.

Me at 1 month old at my blessing/christening.

My dad, my brother (16 months old), my Mom & me at my blessing/christening.

My dad, my brother (16 months old), my Mom & me at my blessing/christening.

I think this is my favorite picture! I was just over 1 yr old here. It was Thanksgiving 1980!

I think this is my favorite picture! I was just over 1 yr old here. It was Thanksgiving 1980!

One Year Ago This Weekend

One year ago this weekend I achieved one of my goals. I completed my first 1/2 Ironman. You can read the recap here.

It’s crazy to look back on the past year. Leading up to my 1/2 Ironman last year, I was hoping to do a full Ironman this year, but after I finished last year, I felt like I needed to get one more 70.3 under my belt before tackling a full Ironman.

Last year, I could count on doing a race, whether it be a 5k, 10k, sprint triathlon, Olympic triathlon, etc., at least once a month. Now, it’s June and I have done 1 race so far this year. It was a 5k in March.

Boy how life has changed since completing the Boise 70.3 last year. Leading up to the race last year, my world revolved around triathlon training. I met my boyfriend about 1/2 way through training for my 70.3, but my life still revolved around training for this race. Now…not so much.

I remember going in to a big funk/depression after finishing my 1/2 Ironman. My coach at the time told me it was completely normal. But, at the time, I had no desire to workout, nothing. It lasted for quite a while too. I signed up for a 1/2 marathon in October to help with it. That helped, but after finishing the 1/2 marathon, I just kind of went back in to the funk.

After the first of the year, to get my mojo back, and to help achieve my goals, I signed up for this 70.3.

This race is put on by TriUtah.

This race is put on by TriUtah.

But, with how things have changed from last year to this year, triathlon training isn’t on the forefront any more. Like I mentioned in this post, my boyfriend and I now have custody of his 2 kids. His kids are VERY troubled and have been through a lot this year, so that now takes priority, and with my 2 jobs, there just isn’t as much time for training any more.

It’s definitely an adjustment going from having your life revolve around training to having it revolve around other things, but I’ll tell you this. It’s worth it. There are days I definitely struggle with knowing that triathlon training isn’t a priority any more, but I have to keep reminding myself it’ll all be ok.

I eventually want to do the Boise 70.3 again because I want to better my time on the course. One day, maybe I’ll be able to afford it. In the meantime, my goal is to just get as many of my workouts in as I can and know that as long as I finish my 70.3 in September, that’s all that matters. Time isn’t a goal this time around.

My goal next year is to do Ironman 70.3 St George and then a month later do the Ironman Coeur d’Alene. Hopefully by later this year, life will have settled down a little bit and once again, I can concentrate a little more on triathlon training. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

P.S. Sorry if this post was a giant ramble.