TSO Christmas Concert

This last Wednesday evening, the boyfriend & i took his kids & went to the Tran Siberian Orchestra Christmas Concert.

What an AMAZING concert. The boyfriend had been a couple times before, but i hadn’t. I’m not quite sure what to say about the concert, it was just so good.

Lots of lazers, lots of fire.  You could actually feel the heat from the fire.

It was just really cool. It put me in the Christmas mood.

Here are some pictures from the concert. They’re not the best cause they were taken with my phone, but still pretty cool.

Have you ever seen TSO in concert?







Life Change

Earlier this week we found out about some serious changes that are going to have to be made regarding our dog Tank, a minpin.

This last weekend, we noticed Tank’s eye sight was getting pretty bad. He’d run in to things & you’d throw a treat on the floor & he wouldn’t see it.

We made an appointment with the vet for this last Monday evening. I felt terrible because i had to work, but the boyfriend & kids took him to the doctor & texted me the entire time.

I was getting concerned, because the doctor’s appointment was lasting a long time. After 3 hrs at the veterinarian, & almost $400 later, we found out that Tank has gone blind due to cataracts, caused by diabetes. Oh, and he has a urinary tract infection too.

This explains the peeing in the house. He doesn’t know where he is.

So, now we have to give him insulin shots twice a day, eye drops twice a day for the rest of his life. And, we have to give him antibiotics until his UTI is gone. Oh, and we have to give him diabetic dog food too (it’s crazy expensive).

I just feel bad because i wish we’d seen some of the warning signs, but it just came on so fast.

Tank seems to be doing better now that we have him on meds. His appetite is definitely coming back. He tends to be a picky eating dog & so we were worried about how he’d handle the new dog food, but he scarfs it up.

He’s going through an adjustment period trying to get used to no eye sight, but he’s getting acclimated pretty well.

One thing that is a love/hate about all of this, is he snuggles A LOT more. I love it, but hate it because he does it because he’s blind.




I love when my community comes together to help everyone out.

There is a little boy in the SLC area named Ethan. He’s 4 yrs old. He has leukemia & it has gotten to the stage where it can no longer be treated. The doctors have given him 2-3 weeks before he passes.

You might have seen it on Good Morning America, etc.

Since Ethan isn’t going to make it through the holidays, his family has been doing what they can to give him the holidays before he leaves.

Earlier this week they celebrated Ethan’s birthday. Another day they celebrated Halloween for him. Last night (Fri) was Christmas Eve.

We have a local radio station that come Nov 1, all they play is Christmas music. Tonight was an exception. Tonight they played non-stop Christmas music from 5 pm to 8 pm. Yes, it’s Oct 24, but for Ethan it’s Dec 24th. Yes, my family & i listened & sang along to Christmas music.

While we were listening to the music, i was trying to explain to my daughter what leukemia was & why we were listening to Christmas music before Halloween. Her response was “That’s so sad. I hope he gets better.” It broke my heart that i had to tell her he won’t.

To make it more like Christmas for Ethan, his entire neighborhood put their Christmas lights up early & turned them on.

Nobody should ever have to lose a child so young. Cancer is an evil, evil, disease.
I’m so happy we live in such a tight knit community that we could all come together for something like this.

Merry Christmas Ethan!!!

Weekend Recap

I think today is going to be a rest day for me. I’ve been beating my legs up the past couple of days with workouts & my legs just aren’t feeling it today. I might hop on the bike trainer later tonight after i get home from my 2nd job though, just to get anxieties out, etc. We will see how tired i am.

But first off, can i just show you this:


YES!!! I finally found it. I saw it at Wal-Mart a week or so ago, but didn’t have the money to buy it, but when i went back to buy it, i couldn’t find it. Anywhere. I checked 4 different grocery store chains & 3 different Wal-Mart’s. Finally found it yesterday. Now my morning coffee is complete, because I’m too poor to go to Starbucks. Lol.

The weekend was fun!!! The boyfriend & i did the Boot Scootin Boogie Mud Run! I thought it was a 5k, but it was only 2.5 miles. It felt more like 25 miles. This was one of the toughest mud runs I’ve done. Maybe it’s cause I’m out of shape. Maybe it’s cause i ran 3 miles the day before & really pushed myself on those 3 miles.

But, we had to climb over this big tower of hay bails & we had to run through this pond of mud & wood chips. They had these hurdles that we had to go UNDER. The boyfriend belly slid under the hurdles.

Then we got to other obstacles:


We had to climb over some of the cement barricades & we had to do some of them like the balance beam.


They had these big ass tires you had to crawl up on. The boyfriend had to help me. Lol.




Then we had to run through tires:



Oh…this was all done at the state fair grounds too. Part of the mud stuff was in the rodeo arena, so I’m sure it wasn’t all mud, if you get my drift. Lol.

At the very end, you ran through some barns & they threw color on you. Oh, and at one point…if you paid a few dollars extra, you could be shot at with paint balls.


The above picture is clearly before we got the color, but we are both COVERED in mud!!!



This was us running through the finish! My legs were shot!!!

It was a ton of fun & the boyfriend had fun & his kids had fun supporting us.

Next race on the agenda: the Recycle Run this Friday.

Have you done a mud run? How was your weekend?

Mooch & Crackerjack

Yesterday i had to do a REALLY hard thing. I said good bye to my guinea pigs.

As a kid, it was always my dream to have a pet guinea pig. A year ago, the dream came true.

Since i started dating Rob, and basically living with him in the summer of 2013, he let me get guinea pigs. We first got Mooch. He was just a baby & was ready to leave his mom. Then about 6 weeks later we got Cracker. Guinea pigs are very social animals & do better when there is more than 1 in a group.

We got a big cage for them & we got to know them & their cute personalities.

Well, with all the changes that have come this year, Rob & i had decided that we just had TOO MANY animals. Plus, with my work situation, we couldn’t really afford them any more.

About 2 1/2 weeks ago, i had put an ad on our local internet classifieds section for our ferrets & guinea pigs. The ferrets went fast, but i never heard anything about the guinea pigs.

Wednesday night i got a text that someone was interested in the guinea pigs. I didn’t think much about it.

The day that the girl came to get the guinea pigs, i literally fell apart. I’m not one to just get rid of animals. Usually when i get an animal, i plan on keeping them their entire life span. But, with life how it is, we just can’t afford the guinea pigs.

I know this is gonna sound silly, but as the girl was loading them & their cage in to the car, i just felt so bad because the guinea pigs didn’t know what was going on. They didn’t know where they were going. I’m not sure their brains have the capacity to think like that, but that’s what my brain was thinking.

After the gal drove away, i came back in the house & just fell apart & cried & cried.

I know i needed to give them to a better home. I know this gal is gonna love them & take good care of them, but I’m still going to miss them. I’m gonna miss their squeeks when i ride my bike trainer (i imagined they were cheering me on). I’m gonna miss seeing them go crazy over baby carrots. I’m going to miss them squeeking at me when i go to open the fridge (they were hoping to get carrots).

I’m just going to miss them.


Body Image

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, my boyfriend (we live together) got custody of his 2 kids earlier this year. His daughter just turned 12 & his son is almost 10.

It’s taken me a long time to write this post, because I’m not sure exactly how i want to say what i want to say.

It hasn’t been happening a lot lately, but towards the end of the last school year, my boyfriend & i would catch his daughter saying a couple of times “i need to lose weight”, or we’d be in the grocery store & she’d point out weight loss supplements.

First I’d get a little offended & still do because I’ve worked damn hard to lose my 114 lbs. I know it looks like i could still lose a little weight, & i probably could, but I’m fit, & I’m ALOT healthier than i was 114 lbs ago.

Now…for my boyfriend’s daughter…this kind of put up red flags for me. Why? Because she’s skinny. She’s TOO skinny. She’s one of the pickiest eaters I’ve ever known. When i was 12, i was a picky eater, but nothing like this.

There are some meals where she’ll barely touch what’s on her plate & then say I’m full.

She has gotten better, but she’s still got a lot of room to go.

It wouldn’t surprise me if some of the kids at her school have an influence on her. She goes to a middle school where a lot of the kids are more financially well off than we are. For example, last school year, she came home from school wearing dollar store makeup. Now…don’t get me wrong, i think makeup has a time & a place, but her dad & i agreed that 6th grade wasn’t the right place. She tried to pass it off as a black eye, but I’m not that dumb. Lol. I tried all the tricks in the book when i was her age. This is one of many reasons, i think she’s letting her peers have too much influence on her. I’ll even catch her trying to strut down the sidewalk, etc.

As a triathlete, I’m trying to instill in her that exercise can be fun. That she needs to be a strong woman, not necessarily physically, but emotionally, mentally, etc. And with everything she’s been through this past year, from my personal experience, exercise would benefit her. But…you can’t convince her of that.

I just hope she grows in to the strong woman i know she has the potential to be, & i will do everything in my power to help her get there, because her mom sure isn’t.

Here are a couple of my favorite inspirational quotes on this topic (thanks to the SBM Army for assisting):





Do you have any thoughts on this particular topic?